PwC Committed to Sustained Efforts to Conserve the Ecological Balance of Kanha Tiger Reserve


Bhopal, February 5, 2020: PwC India Foundation, in collaboration with an NGO dedicated to wildlife conservation, provided smokeless chulhas to 860+ households and 30 schools in areas predominated by the Baiga and Gond tribes in Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. The initiative, which will impact 4300+ people of the area, aims to reduce the consumption of firewood by 50 percent and develop alternate sources of fuel thereby maintaining the ecological balance of the reserve. The adoption of this energy-efficient cooking medium will not only reduce emissions but is also expected to bring down instances of respiratory diseases prevalent amongst the tribal women.

As a part of the project, PwC India Foundation will also help in preparing the forest land for the planting of native trees, especially fruit-bearing, which will further protect the ecological equilibrium of the area.

Satyavati Berera, Chief Operating Officer, PwC India, said, “PwC Foundation is committed to addressing the climate crisis and we’re happy to play a part in maintaining the ecological balance of Kanha Tiger Reserve. It is fulfilling for us to work alongside non-profits in rural heartlands, across diverse habitats, to bring about a sustainable change in the way marginalised communities are adapting to climate change.”

In the last three years, PwC India Foundation has worked in eight States, impacting over 2,600 beneficiaries and empowering communities to conserve their natural ecosystems. Currently, PwC India Foundation runs sustainability projects in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh.