Schbang for Good and Sakshi Launch a Christmas Film to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse


New Delhi, December 28, 2020: This Christmas, Schbang for Good joined forces with Sakshi – a rights-based NGO – to spotlight the increasing problem of child sexual abuse. Schabang’s Impact Communications Wing ‘Schbang for Good’, launched an action-oriented digital film for The Rakshin Project, a youth-led movement working to end Child Sexual Abuse in India.

The film was launched on the eve of Christmas and intends to draw attention to the ‘Shadow Pandemic’ of Child Sexual Abuse and invite the adult community to participate in the solution.

Children are often portrayed as small bundles of magic during the festive season. They are under constant pressure by society to be “NICE” and home is typically considered a space of love and care for those living in a family. While we tend to burden the child with notions of ‘nice’ and ‘naughty’, we absolve ourselves of the responsibility for creating a secure environment for them, leaving them susceptible to harm.

The film centres the uncomfortable truth that 90 per cent of abusers are within trusted circles and so the solution has to begin from within the family unit. The film ends with an offer of a free training session every Sunday at 3:00 pm which aims at redefining accountability to shift the burden from the child to the adult. Irrespective of whether the child is naughty or nice, they are entitled to a secure environment at all costs. The training session provides tools for adults to build safe spaces, teach children about personal boundaries and speak up about any and all experiences without hesitation or fear.

Riya Parekh, Group Creative Manager, Schbang for Good states, “From a young age, I’ve debated the idea of “naughty or nice” because these definitions aren’t well defined. Through the campaign, we’ve tried depicting a repercussion of this burden imposed on children, a life-altering repercussion for millions of children.”

While WHO promotes seven strategies to end violence against children, The Rakshin Project by Sakshi, a unique program in a pro-bono partnership with the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, aims to build the capacity of 40 lakh youth (18 to 22 yrs) pan-India, enabling them as preventers of gender-based violence and child sexual abuse.

Natashja Rathore, Founder and CEO of SBOX (Sakshi’s communication team) states, “As we celebrate the resilience with which we have addressed the challenges of this year, it is clear that the way forward requires specific and nuanced messaging.  We understand that communication is not a product but an ongoing process for sustained behaviour change. The Rakshin Project’s on-ground initiatives gain strength from SBOX’s messaging expertise, to ensure homes actually become ‘safe’.”