SHEOWS Old Age Home Rings in New Year with Heartwarming Celebrations


India: SHEOWS (Saint Hardyal Educational and Orphans Welfare Society) is a compassionate old age home dedicated to rescuing and providing free, comprehensive care for abandoned, destitute, and homeless elderly individuals in Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh. From medical treatment to comfortable accommodation and nutritious meals, SHEOWS is committed to giving the elderly a second home.

SHEOWS Old Age Home celebrated the New Year with a heartfelt event dedicated to spreading joy and fostering unity among its cherished elderly. The festivities began with traditional pooja rituals, symbolising hope and new beginnings. All inmates actively participated, creating a sense of togetherness and shared blessings for the upcoming year.

The celebration captured joyful moments through a vibrant photo session, showcasing the happiness shared among beneficiaries and the management team. Additionally, a lively karaoke session echoed laughter and camaraderie throughout the home. Saurabh Bhagat, CEO of SHEOWS Old Age Home, joined the elderly in cutting a New Year cake along with his son. This gesture exemplified the spirit of intergenerational bonding and solidarity.

“Our commitment is to create a nurturing environment where our residents feel cherished, valued, and connected,” said Saurabh Bhagat, CEO of SHEOWS Old Age Home. “We strive to continuously enhance their quality of life and appreciate the support of the community in our efforts. The New Year celebration at SHEOWS Old Age Home demonstrates the organisation’s dedication to providing a loving, compassionate, and meaningful home for its residents.”