Special Needs Students Joined Dropledge’s Beach Clean-Up For a Plastic-free Ocean


Mumbai, March 2, 2020: Dropledge, a social cause-based tech company organised a beach clean-up event – Ocean Heroes on February 28, 2020, at Dahanu Beach with Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar and Dharamveer Anand Dighe, Jidd Vishesh Shala, Thane and WCAWA (Wildlife Conservation and Welfare Association). This initiative was organised to not only create awareness about plastic pollution in oceans but also encourage the current and future generations to take the right actions in saving the planet.

The event started at 10: a.m. with Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar, a well-known veterinarian, turtle rescuer, and conservation expert leading the special needs students, their parents and the staff of the school for the beach clean-up. During the beach-cleaning activity, the students gathered 200 kgs of plastic debris and plastic waste that got washed ashore through tidal waves.

On the initiative of Ocean Heroes, Sonia D’Souza-Bhavsar, Founder, Dropledge said, “Unsung heroes are working tirelessly to save the planet. And Dropledge’s Ocean Heroes is one such platform to bring forth such incredible work in front of the masses. Thus, we are not only driving real actions but also encouraging powerful collective outcomes – from the present generation as well as the future generation – including children with special needs who are equally aware and ready to take a stand.”

Speaking on the event, Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar said, “It was indeed heartening to see the students from Jidd Vishesh Shala and their parents along with the teachers come forward to participate in the beach clean-up and take actions in making our beaches and seas plastic-free. By partnering  with Team Dropledge, through their Ocean Heroes platform, I am hoping to reach out to more people, especially young children who are quite aware of ocean pollution, to make a difference.”

Archana Shetye, Principal, Dharamveer Anand Dighe, Jidd Vishesh Shala said, “The students, parents, and staff were delighted to be part of this beach clean-up activity as well participate in the turtle and marine life conservation session by Dr. Vinherkar. In spite of their special abilities, our students are equally aware of the planet crisis and are keen on their bit in saving the planet. We are glad to part of Dropledge’s Ocean Heroes Activity. We look forward to further support the initiative.”

The beach clean-up initiative was followed by an informative session on turtle and marine life conservation. In this session, Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar shared insights and information about problems caused by plastic to marine wildlife as well as the efforts undertaken by Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, Dahanu. This initiative is one of the many efforts by Dropledge to create real actions with Real Ocean Heroes towards empowering the cause of reducing plastic pollution in ocean and marine life conservation.