TELUS International India Continues its Efforts to Support the Green India Mission


Noida: As part of TELUS International India’s flagship initiative, TELUS Day of Giving (TDOG), team members in Noida came together to give back to the community in Ghaziabad, India, through a tree planting event. The company raised Rs 1 Million earlier this year to support SayTrees Environmental Trust, a local Indian non-governmental organisation (NGO), that works on a variety of environmental initiatives, which include environmental preservation, water conservation and tree planting.

This tree-planting volunteer event is the second phase of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that began earlier in the year when 365 team members from TELUS International India participated in the TELUS Days of Giving Virtual Fitness Challenge. The Rs 1 million raised during the Virtual Fitness Challenge were used to purchase, plant and maintain 2,000 saplings in Ghaziabad industrial area. With the additional saplings, TELUS International India has now donated Rs 1,750,000 and enabled the planting of 3,500 saplings just this year alone.

Over 150 TELUS International India team members volunteered their time to plant 40 varieties of local and native trees using the Miyawaki technique. These newly-planted trees will help restore flora and fauna in the area, attracting birds, bees and butterflies, as well as improving the ecological balance by raising the water table over time. To ensure the saplings will grow into mature forests, the funds donated by TELUS International India will also be used towards the ongoing care and maintenance of the trees for three years.

“SayTrees is an organisation of young enthusiasts who are working to protect and maintain the planet for future generations. Through our partnership and collaboration, we intend to increase our impact to ten million hectares of land by 2030,” said Shivam Chauhan, Project Manager for SayTrees Environmental Trust. “TELUS International has come forward in supporting us in this journey towards a greener future. Through our Eco TELUS Day of Giving CSR activity last October, we’ve made a significant contribution towards restoring flora and fauna in urban areas in India,” he added.

“I am humbled by the spirit of cooperation and giving that our team members have showcased during this activity. It is truly inspiring how a shared vision for a brighter tomorrow, lots of energy, combined with willing hands and open hearts can accomplish. TELUS International India will continue to take an active role in caring for our planet,” shared Arshad Majeed, Service Delivery Vice President for TELUS International Digital Solutions.