The Giving Spirit in Times of Despair


India, April 1, 2020: When the human spirit is put to the test, there arises the resilient spirit that will, at all cost, rise up and face the challenges, win the battle, and emerge a better and even more determined being, ready to make the world an even better place to live in.

Today, we present to you more heroes rising up to the call to unite together to help fight the pandemic.

Infosys Foundation and Narayana Health
Infosys Foundation and Narayana Health, one of the largest healthcare providers in the country, launched a 100-room quarantine facility for COVID-19 patients in the vicinity of Narayana Health City in Bengaluru. The facility, aimed at serving patients belonging to the economically-weaker sections of the society, will accommodate patients, provide regular monitoring by doctors, nurses, and essential medication free of cost.

Earlier this week, Infosys Foundation announced its commitment of INR 100 crore to help the government with COVID-19 relief efforts.

Sudha Murthy, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation, said, “Diseases often hit the underprivileged the hardest, because not only can they not afford proper treatment, but they also lose livelihood when they are dealing with the illness. This is a small effort by the Foundation to ensure that the underserved people of our society get access to clean, hygienic accommodation as well as appropriate medical treatment. We are thankful to Narayana Health City for their partnership and the thoughtfulness of this initiative.” 

Dr Devi Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Health, said, “We are pleased to partner with Infosys Foundation to open this 100-room quarantine facility for underprivileged patients. Providing safe-spaces, with proper medical care to enable patients to isolate themselves, will play a big role in India’s fight against COVID-19, and we thank Infosys Foundation for their support in this endeavour.”

AU Bank
AU Bank has contributed Rs Five Crore for the Corona relief work. It includes a contribution of Rs Two Crore to PM-CARES Fund; a contribution of Rs 51 Lakh each to the Delhi and Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief Funds and support provided to the Rajasthan Government for a testing facility that was established in Bhilwara, one of the worst-hit districts in Rajasthan. Besides, to combat the challenges posed by COVID-19, AU Bank is contributing over Rs Two Crore through its various CSR initiatives.

In the last two weeks, the AU Bank CSR team identified the individual needs of various geographies and started appropriate initiatives to serve them. These initiatives include efforts for setting up a medical facility at Pune and Mumbai and providing food ration kit to over 25,000 families through the branch network of AU Bank spread across 11 States. Besides, AU Bank will be providing hot cooked meals to over one lakh families across Jaipur, Mumbai and other cities. It is also providing medical kits with masks, gloves, PPE kits and sanitiser to health workers, police personnel and other frontline workers. AU Bank is also running 35 Public ICE vehicles and need-based items distribution vehicles in collaborating with different district administration across India. The bank has associated with two online donation platforms where AU Bank employees are making donations in high numbers.

While speaking on the support that AU Bank is extending at this hour of need, Sanjay Agarwal, MD & CEO, AU Small Finance Bank said, “As an essential service provider, AU Bank is always standing strong with the Indian Government and citizens of the country. Along with this, we are constantly taking initiatives to support our Government to fight the Corona pandemic. All the employees are participating in these efforts whole-heartedly, especially the AU Foundation team that is consistently doing need assessment and devising specific programmes for the needy. The way India stood strong while following social distancing, I am sure the same sentiment will be displayed now towards combined efforts of social responsibility to bring the nation back to normalcy.” 

Elan Group
Amidst the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and migrants workforce leaving Delhi NCR, Elan Group took a step forward to ensure the safety and security of its construction workers. The developer under its philanthropic arm, Elan Foundation, distributed one month of ration to over 2000 construction labourers working at their sites. Social distancing was duly followed in distribution with white circles being earmarked at an adequate distance for each worker. Masks and sanitisers were also distributed to all the construction workers and the developer encouraged them to wear the mask and use sanitisers for safety.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a testing time for all especially for the underprivileged section of society. The ration distribution is our small step to aid these construction workers. We are committed to ensuring the overall well-being of our workers. I urge all corporates to do their bit for the marginalized section of the society,” said Rakesh Kapoor, Chairman, Elan Group.

As established fashion designers and responsible citizens of the country, Karleo has taken a step to goodwill. During these tough times of lockdown and the coronavirus increasingly spreading, they have taken up these concerns and come up with a project called “Masks for Humanity”. As a part of the initiative, they have tied up with the BMC to manufacture and distribute masks in the city. As a part of the procedure, they will be making a total of 5000 masks over a period of days that will be donated and submitted to the BMC for further distribution and the cycle will continue till as many are required. As part of sustainable activity and saving the resources, they will be making these masks using in house fabrics and also calling out for donation of fabrics for the making of the masks.

An important point to note here is that these masks are not surgical masks, they are primarily made for BMC sweepers, garbage pickers & amp; many more to reduced risks for those who are contributing to the society on a daily basis. Taking into consideration the economic slowdown and the well being of the society, they have given a chance of employment to all the work from the home cluster of ladies and workers to create these masks for them.

Karleo is one of the first few designers in the county who have received this permission from the government to take this initiative and are fulfilling the need of the hour by taking up this responsibility.

CRED members across India have come together to protect over 500,000 frontline professionals in the battle against COVID-19. Anyone sacrificing their own safety for the larger good of the society is no less than a hero, and CRED members believe that “Every hero deserves a mask”. The community will contribute surgical masks to those who serve the most vulnerable while the rest of India practises social distancing. This effort will protect healthcare workers at primary health centres (PHCs), the first line of defence for vulnerable sections of society, including pharmacists, MHWs, and ASHA workers.

In the past two days, over 15,000 CRED members have come forward for this initiative by spending CRED coins that have gone towards protecting more than 100,000 heroes. Their contributions will be channelled through online platform GiveIndia to Child Rights and You (CRY), which will distribute the masks on the ground. The CRED community has undertaken this initiative out of a belief that the real heroes in this battle are those who go out into the field every day at risk to themselves and their families, with the intent to make a difference at a time of unprecedented need.

During the first phase of this project, CRY will work in four blocks to donate masks which include Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad and Panchkula covering 450 primary healthcare centres. As the movement grows, the initiative will expand to other locations in India.

Navrattan Kothari
Owing to COVID-19 global outbreak the challenges that the country and its citizens have to face are nerve-wracking. The recent announcement by Shaktikanta Das, Governor, RBI has definitely infused some oxygen to the rattled Indian economy and has also brought in respite for individuals but it’s imperative that each Indian Citizen should contribute his bit to the cause, not necessarily monetary.

Given the trying times, Shri Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister of Rajasthan announced a ‘Chief Minister Relief Fund COVID 19 Relief Fund’ to help those gravely affected by the pandemic. Coming forward Navrattan Kothari, Trustee, KG Kothari Memorial Trust who leads a super speciality cancer treatment facility in the State donated Rs 11 Lakhs to the said relief fund.

“The nation has been severely blown by this great evil of CORONA’s global outbreak, which has resulted in covariant loses of both lives and economy. But I am pretty confident about our spirits and am sure that we will soon arise from this turmoil. I serve at the pleasure in all my capacities to support the government towards helping the struggling citizens. But would also like to appeal that more people should come in front to extend support in whatever way they can and everyone should adhere to all the given advisories. Fight the war against this novel virus, by just being at home,” asserts Mr Kothari.

PNB Housing
The COVID-19 pandemic situation around the globe has adversely impacted lakhs of human lives. PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNBHFL) has deployed INR 1.76 Crore towards funding impactful scientific research and development to combat COVID-19 undertaken by the National Centre for Bio-Sciences in consultation with the esteemed Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister, Government of India; the PM-CARES Fund and the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. PNBHFL has also joined hands with the Government of Delhi for providing food and shelter to the severely affected migrant workers, labourers and the homeless by funding the Honourable LG/Chief Minister’s Relief Fund New Delhi.

Taking cognizance of this dynamic pandemic situation, they further commit to bolster their contribution and reach out to more and more citizens in need.

Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) pledges support towards India’s Fight against COVID-19. Reaffirming its commitment towards the people of Mumbai and its neighbouring areas, MGL has pledged Rs Two crore to help the community in every possible aspect.

Due to the unprecedented lockdown, there are a huge number of migrant labourers and daily wage workers who are struggling each day and yearning for essentials to survive, MGL has partnered with Annamrita Foundation to serve 1.2 lakh meals by reaching out to 8000 people every day over the next 15 days in various pockets of Mumbai as well as the quarry and brick kiln workers in areas like Turbhe, Airoli and Dombivili.  The company has partnered with Don Bosco Development Society to provide for the immediate needs of 2000 families reaching out to nearly 10,000 people from informal and unorganised sectors including migrant workers, street-side vendors, drivers, housemaids, daily wage construction workers, porters, food cart sellers, etc. MGL will be providing a one-month ration of food items and hygiene kits for such marginalised population in various slums across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Focussing on public health in the current situation, MGL has committed to extend support for further enhancing the medical facilities at Sir J.J. Hospital in Mumbai. The company donated Multiloader Computerised Radiography equipment for the Isolation Ward at the hospital, besides providing lab refrigerator, autoclave, testing kits, reagents and consumables for the hospital.

MAN Industries (India) Limited
MAN Industries (India) Limited, one of the leading API Grade Large Diameter Pipe manufacturing company serving the hydrocarbon sector has committed Rs. 1.5 Crore to fight against COVID-19. MAN Group is also committed to taking care of their employees including contract labourers working in their factories in Anjar and Pithampur by paying their full salaries well in advance during the entire period of lockdown.

Commenting upon the COVID -19 pandemic, Dr R. C. Mansukhani, Chairman, said, “We as a company and a nation are witnessing strenuous times. Not only India, but countries around the globe are affected hugely by these unprecedented crises. However, India is handling the situation very well under the leadership of honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and we all stand together in these difficult times. I am sure we will get over this difficult time very soon.”

Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi
In light of the current situation, the Principal and Staff of Modern Public School Shalimar Bagh have donated Rs Four Lakh to the PM CARES Fund. All the staff members, including the teachers, donated one day salary and Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh donated Rs. Two Lakh from her own savings.

“It is our humble contribution to the fight against the coronavirus. As teachers, we have to set an example so that every countryman should think of doing their bit towards this fight. It is high time that we have to stand for each other and with each other. Every person around the world, who is doing their part in helping those in need during these trying times deserve our utmost respect. Together, by joining hands against the menace of COVID-19, we can save the world,” says Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh.