thyssenkrupp Industries India Inaugurates thyssenkrupp School of Welding Excellence


Pune: thyssenkrupp Industries India has established the thyssenkrupp School of Welding Excellence at Government ITI, Aundh, Pune, as part of its CSR initiative. The facilities available for welding at the institute were conventional and consumed more single-use resources.  This project aims to upgrade the existing welding facilities at the Institute to an advanced virtual/augmented reality-based training school.

Vivek Bhatia, Managing Director and CEO of thyssenkrupp Industries India, and Anil Gawit, Joint Director, Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, inaugurated the facilities.

With the new facilities that have been inaugurated, ITI Aundh will overcome the limitations posed by conventional equipment.  Moreover, students at the thyssenkrupp School of Welding Excellence will get the required time and practice to master the skill with personalised feedback on their performance through the state-of-the-art equipment which is the best available worldwide. To increase the level of skilling and training, it is necessary to utilise the latest available technology for welding.

The School consists of a Simulator Room, a state-of-the-art classroom with a sitting capacity of 40 students and a welding area.

The Extended Reality Welding Simulators are of the best available technology provided by Skillveri. The teachers at the ITI have been provided complete training for operating the simulator machines and are now proficient at teaching through simulation. Skillveri Welding Simulators provide both left and right eye matching views inside the virtual reality headset making the appearance of distance in the virtual world the same as the real world. It provides the student with a fully immersive true 3D view with full HD resolution for each eye providing a clear perception of depth blended with a real welding gun, sparks and molten pool ambience based on the exact distance and angles.

Commenting at the inauguration, Vivek Bhatia, Managing Director and CEO of thyssenkrupp Industries India said “Welding is a critical skill required for the manufacturing industry.  I am delighted that we could have the opportunity to partner with ITI Aundh for this special initiative.  We are excited that we will be able to enhance the skill levels of young ITI trainees with the latest and best available equipment. This will go a long way in making them more confident and employable in the years ahead!”

The course structure at the thyssenkrupp School of Welding Excellence is divided into various stages with multiple options of metal, positioning, critical analysis of errors and saving the progress of each student to help evaluate the growth. Students can go back to a lesson and work on the shortcomings identified. Once students master the skill in the virtual world using simulators, they can shift to actual welding equipment with better confidence and dexterity in using the machine.

This project will improve the level of skilling of students by providing them more time to practice welding in different positions, on various materials and several kinds of welding. It will improve the level of dexterity of students before practising on actual welding machines thus increasing students’ level of confidence. The use of welding simulators for practice reduces the cost of consumables by 70 per cent. thyssenkrupp School of Welding Excellence will provide an opportunity and the resources required for learning welding to match the industry standards and thereby reducing the skilling gap.