Tigaria Badshah Lake Restoration by HDBFS, EFI and IMC


Indore: HDB Financial Services (HDBFS), a leading NBFC, partnered with the Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) and Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) to scientifically restore the famous Tigaria Badshah Lake in Indore. Post the restoration work, the lake now can hold up to 4.3 lakh cu. metre of water, a remarkable surge of 21 per cent. Besides, the restored lake is expected to serve as a perennial source of water for the inhabitants in the immediate command area.

Gurudutt Bairagi, Regional Manager at HDBFS said, “Rapid urbanisation often leads to loss of water bodies, resulting in gradual depletion of its vital water resources. This calls for a pressing need to have a water-positive attitude, and restoring the Tigaria Badshah Lake, a water body spread across 44 acres, is a step taken by HDBFS and EFI in this direction. The restoration required dedicated and collective efforts from the local community, the designated authorities, and the restoration partner. HDBFS is pleased to have been a part of this lake restoration journey, and remains committed to building a sustainable and inclusive future.”

Arun Krishnamurthy, Founder & CEO at E.F.I, stated, “Our mission is to restore and safeguard the environment, one water body at a time. The revitalisation of Tigaria Badshah Lake through our partnership with HDBFS and Indore Municipal Corporation exemplifies the profound impact of collective endeavours in advancing environmental sustainability.”

The transformation journey began with the removal of invasive weeds in 2023, notably the thorny Prosopis juliflora. Subsequent steps included extensive desilting and soil repositioning to bolster the lake’s water-holding capacity. Strengthening the lake’s embankments with double and single-line bunds, extending 368 and 794 meters, fortified its periphery for long-term resilience. Efforts to level and retain the storage sone beneath upstream farmlands ensure smooth flow and optimal storage.

Additionally, the introduction of fifteen nesting islands on the lakebed breathed new life into the local biodiversity, offering a haven for birds, reptiles, and insects. Water conservation structures like the percolation pits and trenches were thoughtfully developed to enhance the lake’s ecological balance, reflecting a remarkable journey of environmental restoration.

To date, HDBFS as a part of its CSR mandate, has supported the restoration of nearly 100 small and medium-sized ponds and lakes across urban and rural parts of Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.