Transworld Group Employees Run at TATA Mumbai Marathon to Support Trafficked Victims


Mumbai: Employees of India-based Transworld Group, a leading Global Shipping & Logistics Solution conglomerate, participated in the TATA Mumbai Marathon (TMM), Asia’s largest international marathon, to raise awareness and funds for supporting women who have been victims of human trafficking.

This is the third time that the Transworld Group has participated in TMM to contribute towards NGO Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC), which seeks to empower trafficked women and their daughters by providing alternate livelihood opportunities, education, and social integration via skill training programmes. Forty employees from TG completed the marathon this year, shining the spotlight on human trafficking as a serious issue.

This year’s support is dedicated towards the Umeed Project, which engages with a diverse set of stakeholders, including the Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD), local law enforcement agencies, government officials, partner organisations, donors, and collaborative partners to rehabilitate trafficked women and safeguard vulnerable girls and women. The project involves a multifaceted range of services designed to address the unique needs of women and girls occupied in brothel-based prostitution. They include outreach, education, health, empowerment, recreation, shelter referrals, trauma-informed counselling, vocational training programs, healthcare support, legal advocacy, and community reintegration initiatives amongst others.

“We are honoured and humbled to be able to contribute to bettering the lives of girls and women who have been forced into the flesh trade by empowering them to become economically and socially independent. Transworld Group employees are keen to run for the cause at the TATA Mumbai Marathon each year because they are deeply committed and find a great sense of purpose in doing so,” said Anisha Ramakrishnan, Director, Transworld Group. 

“It has been both a pleasure and an honour to collaborate with Transworld Group throughout the years for the Tata Mumbai Marathon. Witnessing their dedicated participation in support of our cause not only brings a profound sense of satisfaction but also reaffirms our belief in the social cause that we consistently work towards.

Transworld Group has proven to be a beacon of hope, showcasing the presence of courageous warriors who advocate for the rights of women involved in brothel-based prostitution and their daughters. The remarkable commitment demonstrated by Transworld Group to Apne Aap Women’s Collective is truly noteworthy, and we feel blessed to have such exceptional CSR partners by our side,” said Manju Vyas, CEO, AAWC.