Vedanta’s Nand Ghar Project Rolls Out Digital E-Learning Modules for Children in UP, Rajasthan and Odisha 


India, June 22, 2020: Vedanta Limited’s flagship project – Nand Ghar – has rolled out its e-learning modules for home-schooling through WhatsApp groups across villages of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Odisha.

The e-learning modules consist of stories, games, rhymes, home-based activities, moral science lessons and more for children below six years of age. ICDS, Government of Rajasthan issued an order to roll out Nand Ghar e-content along with UNICEF e-content for children of all 60,000+ Anganwadi centres reaching out to more than 12 lakh children in the State.

Complimenting Vedanta on this initiative, Dr K. K. Pathak, Secretary, Women and Child Development Department, Govt. of Rajasthan, said, “Amidst the pandemic, with curtailed classroom education, e-learning has come to the forefront across the world. I’m delighted that WCD, ICDS Rajasthan has been successfully imparting education across 60,000+ Anganwadis through e-learning. This has been possible with the joint efforts of Vedanta and UNICEF who have provided the much-needed support. From the creation of e-learning content to on-ground delivery, Vedanta’s contribution in this initiative is highly appreciable.”

At a juncture of a changing era, this initiative has proved to be a game-changer.  It has opened a window of possibility, wherein education is being made available and accessible to every child of around thousands of villages in India.

Speaking on the initiative, Anil Agarwal, Chairman – Vedanta Resources, said, “The spread of COVID-19 pandemic leading to the closure of schools and colleges has affected billions of children and youth worldwide. The higher-income families have access to technology and the internet, however, it is the lower-income families that are bearing the brunt of the unprecedented pandemic. With the Anganwadi centres closed at this point, the need for uninterrupted education of children remains our priority. Thus, with an objective that no child is bereft of education, Nand Ghar has launched its e-learning modules through mobile phones reaching all Nand Ghar villages. This is a step on our part to bridge the gap and make sure that digital self-learning becomes an unlimited resource to all.”

Vedanta project Nand Ghar has already constructed more than 1300 Nand Ghars across seven States in India. The Nand Ghars are equipped with televisions for e-learning, solar panels for reliable power, safe drinking water, clean toilets and have emerged as an ideal model for replication in other parts of the country. The project aims to transform lives of 8.5 Crore children through 14 lakh Anganwadis across the country.

The core services provided at Nand Ghars are pre-school education to children (3-6 years) through e-learning, BaLA designs and smart kits, nutrition through pre-packed hot cooked meals to children, pregnant and lactating women, healthcare through mobile health vans and support to the community health centre, women empowerment through skill, credit linkage and entrepreneurship development.