VS Foundation’s Special Treat for Children at Asha Vidyalaya


Ghaziabad, February 15, 2019: VS Foundation celebrated a very special Valentine’s Day by observing the day with specially-abled children at Asha Vidyalaya, a school for deaf and I.C./I.P (Interstitial Cystitis/Incontinentia Pigmenti) children.

The founder of VS Foundation, Vikas Sharma of Bullmen Ventures, was also present in this noble work. He gifted and distributed roses, stationery, and snacks to about 170 children. It was a day of happiness and contentment for the children during this time. They were very excited the gifts and thanked everyone with heartwarming gestures.

Expressing his feelings on meeting and interacting with the children, Vikas Sharma said, We would like to thank Asha School for giving us an opportunity to spend time with these loveable children. We all remember many memories related to our childhood. There are many little children in the society who are away from their childhood. All of us should be passionate about these children. Spending time with them today was very special for all of us; we even communicated in sign language with the help of the teachers. A Valentine’s Day better than this would not have been possible. I am immensely touched that we got the opportunity to evoke the feeling of satisfaction and contentment among them.”