World Water Day: ACC’s Water Conservation Efforts Empower Communities


Bengaluru: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, stands at the forefront in addressing water scarcity and promoting water management. Through a series of innovative initiatives and community engagement efforts, ACC is making a significant impact on water conservation and sustainability.

With a deep understanding of the urgent need for responsible water management, ACC has prioritized water conservation as a core component of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

One of the CSR projects initiated by ACC and Adani Foundation is the construction of Cement Nala Bunds in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. Despite challenges posed by scant rainfall and limited irrigation sources, the construction of Cement Nala Bunds by ACC and Adani Foundation has led to an increase in water availability and agricultural productivity in the region. The sustained efforts from ACC have translated into tangible results, with the water level in nearby wells and bore wells rising by 4-6 feet, ensuring water availability for more than ten months a year.

The impact of ACC’s water conservation efforts can be felt across communities, particularly in villages such as Chanakha, Gowari, Wani, Yenak, Shindola, and Paramdoh in Yavatmal. The increase in kharif and rabi crop productivity, by almost 3-4 quintals per acre, has resulted in significant economic uplift, with farmers reporting an approximate increase of around two lakhs in overall income. Farmers in these regions have witnessed a significant transformation in water availability, resulting in improved living conditions and economic stability.

Vilas Maroti Dakhare, one of the beneficiary farmers from Yenak village, said, “Water is the lifeblood of our agricultural economy, and ACC has played a crucial role in ensuring its sustainable management. With their support, we now have reliable access to water, allowing us to diversify our crops and increase our yields, benefiting us today and safeguarding our resources for future generations.”

On World Water Day, ACC and Adani Foundation reaffirm their commitment to responsible water usage and conservation. Through their concerted efforts, they strive to make a meaningful impact on water management and sustainability, ensuring a better tomorrow for present and future generations.