1.20 lakh Government Teachers of Gujarat Reap Benefits of Online Skilling


New Delhi, September 7, 2020: Adosphere, a leading digital transformation expert announced the successful execution of a groundbreaking community and collaboration building project for training and curriculum support through Workplace from Facebook for over 1.2 lakh government teachers of Gujarat.

The project, launched last year on September 5, has facilitated online collaboration and training for teachers across Gujarat, helping local students continue their studies despite disruptions from CCOVID-19. Adosphere aims to achieve 100 per cent coverage by on-boarding all 2.5 lakh government teachers of Gujarat within the next two years.

Adosphere has leveraged Workplace from Facebook, an online communication and collaboration platform, to train and help in capacity building for teachers in public schools across rural and urban areas. Workplace uses familiar Facebook features like chat, video calling, posts, and groups to connect everyone in a team, school, or business.

Workplace has enabled the teachers to collaborate digitally, share knowledge, and build an online community. The technology has helped them stay connected and maintain education continuity despite the pandemic. With nearly 70 per cent of the teachers on-boarded on the platform, this initiative is one of the biggest deployment of technology in education in rural India.

Some of the social collaborations enabled include real-time, two-way knowledge transfer between rural to urban areas. Teachers from remote villages shared innovative ideas, learnings and case studies with the teachers in larger towns, thereby facilitating the best use of limited resources for improving education delivery for teachers. Adosphere is also exploring similar synergies for digital innovation with multiple state government organisations.

“The teacher community is hugely proactive in embracing new technologies and that is the reason for huge engagement and organic growth on the digital platform,” said Abhijit Sonagara, Founder, Adosphere. He added, “As digital community builders and change-makers, we want to help transform the education delivery ecosystem, one that will have an exponential impact on democratization of teachers training and capacity building in the years to come. This project is a role model for showcasing the power of digital interventions to connect, educate, train upskill and reskill and spread awareness through community building and collaboration platforms such as Workplace from Facebook.”

Ernesto Tey, Global Director, Ecosystem and Partnerships, Workplace from Facebook added, “At Workplace, we believe work is better when people are closer, teamwork is faster and culture is stronger. Workplace is a powerful digital platform that reduces communication gaps and enables transparency – all of which are increasingly important in our post-pandemic, disparate working world. We’re proud to serve the teachers of Gujarat and look forward to connecting their entire workforce soon.”

Asif Sawant, State MIS, Department of Education, Gujarat Government, said, “Empowering Teachers through the workplace and digital technologies can enhance learning experiences and with a wider reach of the platform, organizations such as UNICEF and Disaster Management can easily reach out to provide training to the teachers.”

The Gujarat Chief Minister’s Office launched a video on their official You Tube and Instagram handles that highlighted the successful intervention of Workplace from Facebook which was facilitated by Adosphere.

Link to the video: