3EA Co-Funded Humanfirst.help in India to Help the Underprivileged


Mumbai, December 4, 2020: When the lockdown was announced in the March of 2020, people rushed home from wherever they were and religiously followed the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” directive of Government of India to avoid the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

“Almost on a daily basis, I could see news channels talking about the plight of the daily wage workers and their families. Where would they go and how will they feed their families was something which disturbed me the most,” recalls Reyansh, Founder of humanfirst.help, a crowdfunding platform that helps the deprived sections of the society, by providing a common platform to the donors and the seekers.

After months of discussions and collaboration with 3EA Limited, a renowned management consulting organisation, Reyansh and the team researched on the best ways to reach out to the needy and decided to start a crowd-funding platform. This is how humanfirst.help was born.

Humanfirst.help is a fundraising platform that specialises in small-scale projects made by individuals, groups, or local NGOs, for a personal cause, community initiative, an event, or just anything that needs funding. Humanfirst.help is a keep-it-all crowdfunding platform, which means that donors keep the entire amount, which is collected through the campaign even if the target has not been met. Humanfirst.help is free to use. Anyone can register and start creating projects in less than five minutes.

“We were also fortunate to raise INR 1.2 million Series A funding from 3EA and start our first campaign of distribution COVID-19 kits to the underprivileged families in Bihar, in October of 2020. These kits, consisting of rice, pulses, wheat flour, oil and masala powders were very helpful to many low-income group families in Bihar who were starving after losing their livelihood due to COVID-19,” said Reyansh.

When asked, ‘why crowdfunding?’, Reyansh explains, “The idea is to promote charity as a habit. Raising a small amount of money from a larger group and funding a campaign to help the needy is easier than donating the entire amount. There are many people who wish to contribute and help the deprived section of society but reaching out to them is very difficult. This is where internet accessibility came to our rescue and we understood, that reaching out to people through an online platform will be the best thing to do, especially during the pandemic,” he says, informing that they were glad to see NRIs coming to the rescue of deprived section of society.

Within four weeks of its launch, the humanfirst.help team has raised over 60 online campaigns in the categories of Disaster Management, Donation to Orphans, Education, Food and Hunger, Child Care Welfare, Health Care and Social Welfare and received donations from over 100 donors that have benefited over 200 families.

With the current world situation, where many people are in dire need of support, humanfirst.help has bridged the gap of barriers so that everyone can help everyone. People can seek help as well as provide support to almost anyone in the world, with the click of a single button.