7 Frames Launches a Social Initiative to Provide Free of Cost Services to NGOs


Goa: 7 Frames, an early age creative start-up, has announced an initiative titled, ‘For a Better Tomorrow’ under which it will be providing free-of-cost services in content, design, social media and digital marketing to NGOs who are working for COVID relief. This comes at a time when a lot of non-profit organisations are ceaselessly helping people get back on their feet after a deadly pandemic, but have been struggling with funds and resources themselves due to a limited online exposure owing to a lack of proper social media presence.

The initiative, which was launched via a video (linked) on their social media platforms, has garnered a lot of eyeballs, and in just 24 hours, more than 10 NGOs including Svatanya India, Ideal Foundation, Governance Collective, and Atmanirbhar Kishor have reached out to 7 Frames.

Addressing the current scenario, Saurabh Jha, Creative Director and Co-founder of 7 Frames, said, “Being a creative agency, we understand what trends are and the trend on COVID has passed. There are fewer reports every day but more hardships for affected people for years to come. We believe donating value is more important for us than donating money for these organistions as we would be able to help the situation in the long run by doing what we do best, visualising and communicating. It’s great that multiple NGOs have approached us, we’re very excited to be working with them.” “Despite trying our level best, we still have a limited online presence that further hinders our efforts of raising funds and recognition of our development programmes. I am already obliged to 7 Frames for providing us with their expertise to serve the nation during the difficult times of COVID-19. This makes them an equal contributor in helping people recover from the aftermath of the virus,” says Kanika Khurana, Founder of Atmanirbhar Kishor.

As a people-first organisation, 7 Frames is set on the motto of contributing to society in every way possible, and being a part of the creative industry, what better way would be to do it if not through their art.