Apraava Energy’s Solar-Based Community Initiatives Light Up Close to 60,000 Lives in India


National: Apraava Energy, India’s leading integrated energy solutions provider, has positively impacted close to 60,000 people from disadvantaged communities across India through its five-year-long solar development program. With people and planet at its core, these initiatives have been implemented in partnership with SELCO, in close to 40 villages and reduced over 130 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year which is equivalent to planting 6500 trees per year.

From enhancing the safety of young girls in schools to electrifying healthcare centres and creating employment opportunities for differently abled individuals and women, these community interventions have ensured all-round development.

Key Highlights Across Five States – Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, and Telangana:

  • Solar lighting installations in villages and schools have provided a sense of safety and security to the people, whether moving about in the evenings or protecting themselves from venomous creatures such as snakes and scorpions.
  • Solar electrification in primary health centres has ensured the uninterrupted functionality of essential facilities such as labour rooms, baby warmers, and vaccine cold supply chains.
  • E-Shala, solar-based fans, and lighting have enhanced access to and the quality of pre-primary education (Anganwadi) in rural areas.
  • Digital education kits have enhanced the quality of learning and increased enrolment.
  • Interactive learning tools with curated educational content have benefited teachers.
  • Solar-powered appliances such as fridges, copiers, scanners, printers, and roti-rolling machines have created employment opportunities for differently abled individuals and women.

Commenting on the success of the initiatives, Dr. Priyesh Modi, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Apraava Energy, said, “We are proud to bring our core value of sustainability through responsibility into action by creating solar-powered solutions for the communities that reside around our operations. These interventions have not only focused on all-round community development, but also helped reduce significant greenhouse emissions. Apraava remains committed to working with the communities to address their needs and contribute to building a sustainable future for India.”