Covestro (India) Empowers Truck Drivers in Maharashtra’s Bhiwandi Area with Flagship CSR Initiative, ‘Project Arogyam’


Mumbai: Covestro (India) Private Limited, a leading producer of advanced polymers, is proud to announce the successful implementation of its flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, ‘Project Arogyam,’ aimed at uplifting the truck drivers Community.

According to a study by the People-to-People Health Foundation in July 2022, findings indicated that truck drivers encounter various health challenges like chronic pain or musculoskeletal issues (36.7%), sleep-related problems and tiredness (28.2%), vision-related issues (19.2%), respiratory issues (14.7%), and acidity or stomach-related problems (9.6%). These challenges not only affect their health but also pose obstacles to their financial stability and general well-being.

Designed to address these persistent challenges faced by truck drivers, ‘Project Arogyam’ focuses on promoting their physical and mental well-being, enhancing financial literacy, and providing skills for professional growth. Since its inception in March 2024, the project has made a significant impact on the lives of over 960 truck drivers in the Bhiwandi region, with plans to support over 1,600 drivers till completion.

To address healthcare needs, Covestro (India) Private Limited, in collaboration with its implementing partner, Impact Guru Foundation, has set up a dedicated wellness centre at the warehousing facility of Rhenus Logistics in Bhiwandi.

Rhenus India, our esteemed logistics partner, has been instrumental in supporting Covestro India’s CSR initiative. Our collaboration, grounded in shared values of community support and sustainability, has enabled us to undertake this project at their warehouse and support us as a logistics partner.

“Rhenus closely collaborates with truck drivers, understanding their challenges firsthand. When Covestro (India) initiated project Arogyam, we were happy to support them in addressing these issues by providing them space to conduct the project, this initiative strengthened our partnership & commitment to community well-being,” said Vivek Arya – Global CEO, Warehousing Solutions Intercontinental.

Staffed with proficient healthcare team of doctors, experienced nurses, physiotherapists, and yoga experts, the centre offers essential services tailored for truck drivers. These include OPD consultations, eye tests, first aid kits, physiotherapy and yoga sessions, dental check-ups, distribution of corrective spectacles, counselling for substance abuse and healthy diet, alongside maintenance of Yojana cards and detailed health records.

Commenting on the initiative, Mehernosh Patel, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics, ISC, Covestro, stated, “Project Arogyam embodies Covestro’s commitment to the welfare of truck drivers, who play a vital role in our logistics operations. By addressing their holistic well-being, we aim to create a positive impact on their lives and the communities they serve.”

Kavita Desai, Head of Corporate Communications & CSR, India, added, “With targeted workshops and support, we’re steering the wheels of change for approximately 1600 truck drivers in just 4 months. Our project is more than a journey; it’s a roadmap to better health, education, and economic stability, aligning directly with SDGs 3, 4, and 8.”

“Covestro (India) Private Limited’ reaffirms its dedication to the welfare of the truck driver community by actively engaging in initiatives aimed at fortifying road safety measures. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, we aim to mitigate the risks faced by drivers on Indian roads while fostering a culture of responsibility and care within the logistics sector. By prioritizing the well-being of individuals integral to the industry, Covestro is not only committed to enhancing operational efficiency but also to creating a safer and more sustainable future for all.”