Axis Bank Foundation and TRRAIN Create Inclusive Work Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities


Bangalore: Axis Bank Foundation (ABF) and Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) announced the launch of the ‘Sustainable Livelihood Programme’ to empower Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), by training them through skill development and providing job avenues in the retail sector. This partnership endeavours to create a more diverse, equal, and inclusive workforce across the retail and allied sectors by fostering dignity and pride among youth with speech and hearing impairments, locomotive disabilities, and low vision.

Building on ABF’s 10 years of successful partnership with Youth for Jobs (Y4J), the Sustainable Livelihood Programme in partnership with TRRAIN will train around 2400 PwDs across Kerala, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh over three years. The programme will offer comprehensive 45-day residential training courses to equip participants with domain skills, soft skills, and work readiness courses. This project will primarily address the significant unemployment gap in the PwD community, by harnessing their potential and empowering them to secure competitive work opportunities, thus making a meaningful impact in their lives.

Some key outcomes that the project aims to achieve include:

  • Minimum of 70 employment rate post-training.
  • The training curriculum, designed by TRRAIN, will focus on sector-specific skills, soft skills, English language proficiency, and AI-based text-to-sign learning content and simulation-based learning to enhance accessibility and comprehension for participants.
  • Upon completion of the training, the participants will receive certifications from TRRAIN, opening doors to employment opportunities in retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics sectors.
  • Post-placement support, including counselling and job retention tracking, will ensure successful integration into the workforce.

While talking about the initiative, Dhruvi Shah, CEO and Executive Trustee, Axis Bank Foundation, says, “Fostering diversity and creating pathways for economic independence are at the core of our partnership with TRRAIN. Our partnership is based on the belief that no one should be left behind. The focus is not only to develop new employable skills for Persons with Disabilities but also to mainstream and formalise their participation in the workforce. Through this partnership, we aim to harness our collective strengths to effectively train and empower these youths by equipping them with the technical skills and confidence needed to seamlessly transition into the workforce with dignity.”

While talking about the initiative, B.S Nagesh, Founder of TRRAIN says, “Over the past 12 years, TRRAIN has been dedicated to skilling and empowering Persons with Disabilities by providing them with sustainable livelihoods. Our primary aim has been to equip them with the necessary skills to enable them to excel in jobs across retail and allied sectors. During this time, we have witnessed the remarkable performance of our beneficiaries, characterised by elevated productivity and unparalleled commitment. However, this achievement is merely a drop in the ocean, especially in a vast country like India where we have the potential to impact millions. Such transformative impact can only be realised through continued contributions. Thus, this collaboration is designed to leverage our combined capabilities in training and empowering Persons with Disabilities. The goal of this collaboration is to provide them with the necessary skills and confidence for a smooth transition into the workforce, promoting inclusivity in the process.” 

This partnership between Axis Bank Foundation and TRRAIN represents a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and empowerment by providing skill development opportunities to PwDs. It aspires to drive impactful change and foster a work ecosystem where diversity is celebrated and embraced.