Bata Felicitates The Young Bravehearts Of India


New Delhi: January 19, 2016: Bata, the European footwear major and India’s leading footwear brand, honored the incumbent young bravery award recipients of 68th Republic Day at a felicitation ceremony at the Bata India Connaught Place store.

Recognizing the spirit of bravery, Bata India saluted these children who have distinguished themselves by performing outstanding heroic deeds of bravery. These children were gifted shoes and bags as a token of appreciation by Bata India.

Commenting on the occasion, Siya Vamansa Khode, who saved her baby brother from electrocution by high voltage wires said, “We are all very excited to have such a wonderful time in Delhi. We are extremely thankful.”

 “We were a little scared and worried after the incident,” added Akshit and Akshita Sharma, the siblings who nabbed two burglars, catching them in the act. “After experiencing such recognition and so many people appreciating us, we feel very happy and our mood has never been better!”

The parents of Anshika Pandey, who bravely escaped kidnappers in the face of knives and acid, expressed: “We are very happy that Bata, along with our government and various other entities, have recognized our children and congratulated them. We only hope that this support will extend into the future, where brave children recognized every year will be given long lasting support. We hope that the government will encourage them in whatever careers they choose to pursue.”

Mr. Rajeev Gopalakrishnan, President, South Asia, Bata Emerging Markets, said, “These young brave hearts have made the nation proud. Through our CSR program, ‘Bata Happy Steps’, we join our fellow citizens in celebrating their bravery through this small gesture.”

These brave hearts come from different cities across India and are winners of the National Bravery Award (an endeavour by the Indian Council for Child Welfare, ICCW). These child heroes included 8 girls, 13 boys and guardians of four posthumous awardees who performed outstanding acts of valour in 2016.