CBM India Initiates Eye-Screening Camps for Hyderabad’s Transgender Community


Hyderabad: CBM India, in collaboration with Movate (formerly CSS Corp), Prem Marg Charitable Trust, and L. V. Prasad Eye Institute, marked the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by hosting a series of four eye-screening camps aimed at addressing the critical eye care needs of the transgender community in Hyderabad.

Amidst the screenings, 120+ individuals were identified with vision issues and will be provided with essential eyeglasses. Additionally, several participants were guided towards further necessary care beyond the initial screening to ensure comprehensive support for their eye health. These camps epitomise CBM India’s commitment to mitigating the conditions leading to disability while enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities and other marginalised communities. They stand in alignment with progressive initiatives spearheaded by the Government, both at the central and state levels, such as the National Programme for Control of Blindness and Visual Impairment, a government initiative aimed at reducing the prevalence of avoidable blindness in India by 2025.

“While strides have been made in promoting inclusivity in healthcare, the transgender community still faces barriers to accessing essential services, including eye care,” said Sony Thomas, Executive Director of CBM India. “These eye-screening camps underscore our dedication to providing inclusive healthcare initiatives for all.”

Pooja, a trans woman who participated in CBM India’s eye-screening camp in collaboration with Movate, Prem Marg Charitable Trust, and L. V. Prasad Eye Institute in 2022, underwent surgery based on the medical team’s recommendation during that event. The surgery significantly improved her vision. Returning to one of our recent eye screening camps for a check-up, she expressed gratitude, stating, “The surgery has greatly improved my eyesight. CBM India and its partners’ consistent support during critical times has been invaluable. Their thoughtful initiatives demonstrate a genuine concern for our community’s well-being.”

Recognising the multifaceted challenges faced by the participants, CBM India distributed ration kits during the screening. This thoughtful gesture aimed to mitigate the potential loss of a day’s wages, acknowledging the economic vulnerabilities often experienced by the transgender community. The provision of these kits not only eased financial constraints but also encouraged more people to participate in the eye screening camps.

CBM India extends its gratitude to Movate and its team who enthusiastically volunteered, assisting with the participants’ registration and the ration kits distribution. Acknowledgements are also extended to Prem Marg Charitable Trust, and L. V. Prasad Eye Institute for their invaluable collaboration in making these eye screening camps a success.