Delivering Social Commitment Through Empowerment: Kamdhenu Jeevandhara Foundation


National: Government and business enterprises are primarily seen to deliver CSR initiatives in the communities and areas that they serve by associating either with NGOs having presence at a global, regional, national or local level or independently having an alignment with the CSR goals.

Observing recent trends, it is understood that NGOs are working towards improving the social, humanitarian and environmental cause through providing education to children, empowering women, planting trees, reducing hunger and poverty, and so forth.

Kamdhenu Jeevandhara Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of Kamdhenu Group as a part of its continuing programme is conducting tailoring training programme for the women folk at their Tailoring Training Centre in Gurugram. The aim of the programme is to eliminate child labour while allowing the needy women folk to earn a living wage for their work. Select participants who pass the tailoring training programme were provided with sewing machines on a need basis and help them start their careers as tailors. The objective of this initiative is to empower underprivileged women and help them achieve economic freedom.

“Aligned with the Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and Kamdhenu Group’s commitment toward the industry as well as the community, we have been providing tailoring training programme for the needy women and help them gain economic independence. We take pride in organising such free skill development programmes while making a difference in the lives of those in need to survive with honour and dignity,” elaborated Radha Agarwal, Chairperson, Kamdhenu Jeevandhara Foundation, while talking about skill development programme.

Green India movement is also one of the environment friendly eco projects for tree plantation that is being undertaken on a periodic basis. This initiative is also undertaken with the involvement of Kamdhenu Group’s staff and business partners spread across the country.

The other important programmes of Kamdhenu Jeevandhara Foundation include school for underprivileged children that provides basic computer education and free meal.