Imagine Crowdfunding Distributes Stationery Kits to Underprivileged Students


Delhi: Awake After Midnight, a band from New Delhi, with their crowdfunding project called ‘Imagine’, distributed stationery kits to underprivileged students of Ekta Balwadi, Indraprastha Women’s Development Council, East Delhi. The initiative provided stationery materials sufficient for one academic term for every student in the institution as well as some more for the children that might join them in the next term to make sure that the poor economic backgrounds of these children does not come in the way of their education since these children do not have access to material required for basic education.

The stationery donation drive was conceptualised in 2022 when one of the band members interacted with students of Balwadis to understand their challenges and more importantly, the reason for attending coming to the institution. A majority of students said they come to school only for their mid-day meals. Upon asking if studying and learning is also one of the reasons why they come daily, they answered that it surely is one of the reasons but hesitantly mentioned that most of them lacked necessities like notebooks and stationery items so they would share and borrow the stationery from each other. Imagine crowdfunding conducted this donation drive to ensure that these children do not feel the need to borrow and share necessary stationery among themselves anymore.

Speaking on this initiative, Shiv Pratap Singh Bhadauria, Co-Founder, Awake After Midnight and Imagine said, “Efforts must be made in places with a need and especially if such places are within our reach. Everyone focuses on establishing institutions and building infrastructure for these children and that’s definitely important but as important as that is, I feel the smaller needs such as the one we identified here, sometimes go unnoticed. Little things make up big things, we often forget that.”

Adding to that, Himanshu Goyal, Member, Awake after Midnight said, “It is an undeniable fact that children are our future. In a way, children are the key foundation for our future and a foundation needs to be as strong as it can be. We must do our part in strengthening it and that is why, this drive is just one of many in the future.”