Industree Foundation Joins the Global Conversation on the Blended Finance for Gender, Economic Resilience and Climate


Jakarta: AVPN Global Conference is the largest social investing convening in Asia that gathers funders and resource providers from all across the world to share knowledge, build strategic partnerships and address socio-economic challenges. This year, they hosted a session that largely focused on adopting blended finance as an instrument to understand the cross-linkages between Gender, Economic Resilience and Climate and strengthen commitments to help communities that are most vulnerable to inequality, economic crisis and climate risks. Industree Foundation, a non-profit organisation which has been tirelessly promoting sustainability, equity, inclusivity and women empowerment for more than twenty years now, joined the Global Conversation on the Blended Finance for Gender, Economic Resilience and Climate.

The POWER (Producer Owned Women Enterprises) project intervenes at an intersection of gender, climate, and equity. Industree has co-organised with KOIS, an impact finance firm that works towards creating innovative finance mechanisms and uses impact investing and fund management to scale financing solutions and serve the dual objective of impact and profit. The event discussed the project’s best practices and communicated it on a global platform to advance gender equality and developmental commitments to economic resilience.

The panellists shared best practices, perspectives and solutions for ensuring the feasible integration of gender, climate and resilience components. The blended finance approach leads to an effective pathway to galvanize the audience to apply a gender lens to their operations and achieve socio-economic empowerment, optimise risk management and achieve climate resilience.

The key takeaways of the session were, to reiterate the need for large-scale resource mobilisation for interventions that lie at the intersection of gender, climate and equity. Sharing thought leadership to replicate best practices of blended finance instruments is a pathway to advance gender equality, developmental commitments, economic resilience and achieving climate-positive action. Industree Foundation, being a part of the global conversation, ensured to establish an impact and contribute its bit to the cause.

Neelam Chhiber, Co-founder and Managing Trustee, Industree Foundation said, “It’s time we action GENDER Equity through the lens of Climate Action and Economic Resilience. The need of the hour is to resonate with our development endeavours to bridge the gap for first mile communities.”

Serena Guarnaschelli, Partner, KOIS said, “Blended finance is a powerful instrument to catalyse partnerships amongst funders that lie across the spectrum of gender, economic resilience and climate action. It can help de-risk private finance and monetise outcomes to channel large-scale resource mobilisation – enabling us to address critical challenges and transform communities.”

Wingee Sampaio, Managing Director, Cartier Women’s Initiative said, “We believe that women are important change-makers; as we look at our fellows, we find that they are solving more than one SDG.”