Indyro’s POWER PLUS Range: An Ideal Solution for Medical Applications Amid Rising Power Outlets


India, April 17, 2020:  The outbreak of COVID 19 in the country has resulted in increased demand for power supply at the country’s healthcare facilities. As the hospitals and healthcare centres look to install an additional number of ventilators for the treatment of COVID-19 positive patients, they need to arrange additional power sockets in their wards.  To deal with such a situation, ‘POWER PLUS’ by Indyro Global, India’s first player in the brand new field of Interior Technology comes as an ideal solution as it can support a load of 5kW and up to 25-30 devices can be connected at a time. However, unlike the regular switchboard system and fixed sockets, power track and flexible sockets are separate devices, therefore, they will be less likely to get contaminated. Such flexibility makes POWER PLUS appropriate for usage in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, etc., apart from other commercial applications.

Moving beyond the limitations of a wall-fixed power outlet, POWER PLUS is essentially a long ‘power railway line’ of sorts, which can easily fit along the walls of a space or table skirting and allows users to plug in their devices from wherever they are. With the ever-growing demand for ventilators especially during the global pandemic situation, there will be a rise in requirement of power outlets, power track and flexible socket pitch. The POWER PLUS can be leveraged for the same without the need for any extra outlets.

Rohan Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Indyro Global said, “As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, the key medical equipment that is effectively dealing with critical patients is a ventilator. This increases the usage of this medical equipment at healthcare facilities. Our essential POWER PLUS can support multiple such medical devices utilizing the maximum usable space. This will also minimize the chances of getting the surfaces contaminated.”

One of the most important aspects of POWER PLUS is its easy-to-implement feature. Installation of POWER PLUS is not messy as it does not require any kind of re-wiring, breaking down walls or massive renovation work and can fit in smoothly within existing power structures. As it can be installed at a much faster rate, it will be a perfect cost-saving and time-saving option for hospitals and other medical facilities looking for a quick, long-term and efficient fix to their power framework. This empathetic innovation in the interior technology domain by Indyro Global can indeed change the way power is consumed in India.