InterGlobe Foundation Promotes Heritage Conservation Through an Immersive Walk for Skal International Delhi


National: InterGlobe Foundation, the philanthropic arm of InterGlobe Enterprises, organised an immersive heritage walk for Skal International Delhi-125, a premier organisation with members from the travel, aviation, and hospitality industry. The specially curated walk commenced at the 16th-century Abdur Rahim Khan-I-Khanan’s Mausoleum, before moving on to the majestic Humayun’s Tomb and concluding at the vibrant Sunder Nursery in Delhi.

The three-hour journey was guided by experts from the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC), a partner of InterGlobe Foundation in the preservation and conservation of Rahim’s tomb. The walk showcased the architectural marvels of these heritage sites while also fostering a sense of responsibility for heritage conservation, preservation, and promotion. The efforts taken during the revitalization of the tomb were also highlighted to the audience. Furthermore, the walk served as an important reminder of the pivotal role that travel industry professionals play in showcasing these invaluable sites and fostering an atmosphere of deeper appreciation of India’s heritage.

InterGlobe Foundation partnered with AKTC for the restoration and conservation of Abdur Rahim Khan-I-Khanan’s tomb in 2014, a monument owned and protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. This was one of the first few corporate-led conservation initiatives at one of India’s nationally protected monuments. Cultural revival was also an integral part of the conservation efforts, and two major publications, ‘Celebrating Rahim’ and ‘Abdur Rahim Khan-i-Khanan: Kavya, Saundarya, Sarthakta,’ were produced. The restored mausoleum was inaugurated in 2020.

Rohini Bhatia, Chairperson, InterGlobe Foundation, said, “At InterGlobe Foundation, we believe that preserving our heritage is not just a responsibility but an investment in our cultural legacy. We are delighted to host the heritage walk for Skal International Delhi along with our partner AKTC, as this aligns well with our objective of promoting and preserving India’s rich culture and heritage. Through such initiatives, we aspire to encourage professionals from the travel and hospitality sector to play a more active role in promoting both built and cultural heritage, fostering an environment where heritage preservation and tourism can flourish together.” 

Ranjit Vig, President, Skal International Delhi-125, said, ““We are extremely grateful to the InterGlobe Foundation for organising this captivating heritage walk. The immersive experience was truly fascinating and evoked a renewed sense of pride and admiration for our abundant cultural heritage. It highlighted the significance of heritage in the travel and tourism sector and helps in enhancing our abilities to showcase these sites to tourists and visitors.”

Ratish Nanda, CEO, AKTC, said, “Over the past fifteen years, more than sixty monuments have been conserved in the vicinity of Humayun’s Tomb, Sunder Nursery, and the Nizamuddin Basti area. This extensive conservation has been accompanied by infrastructure and landscape development. We are grateful for the support of InterGlobe Foundation in the conservation and preservation of Rahim’s mausoleum, as well as for their efforts in raising awareness of the tourism potential of this area.”

InterGlobe Foundation has been involved in various projects to promote heritage conservation and preservation in India. Among its notable projects are the conservation and cultural revival of Abdur Rahim Khan-I-Khanan’s mausoleum in Delhi, comprehensive cultural mapping and documentation of ten cities, the restoration of the “Indra Kund” stepwell in Delwara, Rajasthan, and the InterGlobe HERITAGE Fellowships program, which engages a cross-section of the public in documenting and researching India’s cultural heritage, fostering greater awareness.