JK Tyre Reaffirms Its Dedication to Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature


New Delhi: Indian tyre major, JK Tyre & Industries Limited continues its green trajectory by reaffirming its vision of preserving the environment for future generations on World Environment Day 2022.

Pioneering the efforts made towards sustainability in the tyre industry, JK Tyre has adopted a 5-pronged approach tackling carbon footprint, energy, renewable power, greenhouse gases and waste management to holistically maintain and preserve the ecosystem.

The Company has made substantial improvements in their plants to prioritise clean and green energy use. The target is to improve on these measures aiming to reduce thermal energy consumption while stepping upon the use of energy through renewable sources.

With their continuous efforts through the years, JK Tyre has emerged as a global benchmark for the lowest raw water use per kg of tyres manufactured. The company is setting a new benchmark in water consumption by achieving the milestone of 1.73 litre/kg of the finished product.

Understanding the significant role that corporates play in developing and implementing solutions to environmental challenges, JK Tyre emphasises the production of eco-friendly products with a focus on minimal waste generation by reusing and recycling waste.

Bearing testimony to their environmental stewardship, the JK Tyre Chennai plant is the first tyre plant in India to be certified as a Zero Liquid Discharge Plant by British Standards Institution (BSI).

BSI has examined the company’s Kankroli Tyre Plant in Rajasthan, Chennai Tyre Plant in Tamil Nadu, Vikrant Tyre Plant in Karnataka, Banmore Tyre Plant in Madhya Pradesh and Cavendish Industries Ltd. in Uttarakhand and concluded that all five plants are zero waste to landfill as no solid or liquid waste is disposed of in landfills.

Anil Makkar, Manufacturing Director, JK Tyre & Industries Limited, said “We at JK Tyre have always worked to reach the quality bar for all our industry-leading and best-in-class production procedures. As one of the first companies in the tyre industry to adopt sustainable practices we are on a transformational journey in which sustainability features prominently. While our individual consumption decisions certainly have an impact, it is the collective action that will lead to the dramatic environmental shift and we at JK Tyre are determined to lead this change through our continuous efforts and initiatives.”

By balancing operations with the environment, being in harmony with nature, and increasing the quality of life for everybody, JK Tyre will continue to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.