Kalpataru and Khushiyaan Foundation Leads Successful Beach Cleanup, Promoting Environmental Awareness


Mumbai: Demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship, volunteers from Kalpataru, Khushiyaan Foundation, and the local community participated in a beach cleanup at Prabhadevi Beach. The event raised awareness and took direct action to protect Mumbai’s coastline.

From 8:00 am to 10:00 am, volunteers worked diligently to remove litter, plastics, and other debris from the shoreline. Their efforts resulted in the collection of waste, preventing it from polluting the ocean and harming marine life. Around 1350 kg of wastage were removed.

“We are grateful to every volunteer who joined us for this important cause,” said Representative of Kalpataru. “This beach cleanup underscores the impact we can make when community members come together to safeguard our environment.”

Dr. Chinu Kwatra of Khushiyaan Foundation added, “The dedication of those present was truly inspiring. We appreciate all who lent their time and energy to this noble effort.”

Under its CSR, Kalpataru has been partnering with Khushiyaan Foundation to conduct weekly beach clean-up drives on Prabhadevi Beach. This highlights Kalpataru’s endeavour to uphold sustainability and responsibility towards our environment. As a part of World Environment Day, since the last week of May, more than 800 volunteers jointly collected ~20,000 kgs of debris, thereby ensuring lesser plastic enters the sea.

Kalpataru and Khushiyaan Foundation remain committed to organising similar initiatives to promote corporate social responsibility and environmental protection.