Mankind Pharma Donated Rs 5 Lakh to Family of Deceased Indian Student Caught in Ukraine War


New Delhi: Mankind Pharma, the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in India that has always come forward to support society during tough times, has donated Rs 5 Lakh to the family of Naveen Shekharappa Gyanagoudar, the Indian MBBS student who died in the Ukraine war.   

Given that many innocent Indian lives have been caught in the middle of an uncalled frenzy in the war, the pharmaceutical company has come forward to do its bit as a responsible organisation. Born to Shekarappa Chalageri and Vijaylaxmi, who are farmers by occupation, the family has a loan of Rs 25 Lakhs for education and other commitments to repay. With another son who has to complete his education in Agriculture in Bangalore, the family is burdened with huge financial liability.

“Considering the unfortunate state of events, we are trying every possible way to stand in support of the affected family. We know that no financial support can compensate for the void created by the deceased, but it is our small token showing our resolve to stand in solidarity with the families who have lost their dear ones. Mankind Pharma as an organization has always believed in standing together during tough times and by extending our support to Naveen’s family, we want to send the message that the entire country is there for them,” said Dr Sanjay Koul, Senior President, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma.

Highly mournful at the loss of his son, Shekarappa Chalageri expressed his sincere gratitude to Mankind Pharma. He said, “At such a point of time when the future seems bleak, the support given by the company gives us relief from our financial burden. Though we cannot forget the sorrow with the loss of our son, this kind gesture gives us faith in humanity and courage to go on with our lives.”

As Naveen was pursuing his MBBS study in a foreign land to bring laurels to the country, Mankind Pharma has taken responsibility to take care of the family, post his demise, to help them cope with the unfortunate loss incurred on them.

The Company salutes the bravery and courage of those caught in the war. The student community has set an example for the entire world by standing together during this terrible time where they did not leave their companions behind during the rescue operation. Mankind Pharma lauds their selfless act and is there to help them in every possible way.