Matanand Foundation and ENTOD Pharma’s Glaucoma Awareness Week Campaign Reaches Over Two Crore People in India


New Delhi: Matanand Foundation, in collaboration with ENTOD Pharmaceuticals, successfully concluded a comprehensive Glaucoma Awareness Week campaign #GlaucomaMuktGlaucoma aimed at disseminating vital information about glaucoma across India from March 10 to 16, 2024. Aligned with ‘World Glaucoma Week’, the initiative targeted individuals aged 40 years and above in various cities nationwide.

Bollywood actor Rannvijay Singha was the ambassador for this week-long campaign carried out in collaboration with various medical and lifestyle influencers, doctors and local associations and reached over two crore (20 million) people in India.

Throughout the week-long campaign, a series of impactful activities were meticulously executed across India by the dedicated field team. Glaucoma awareness rallies were organised in over 350 districts in India right from village level to towns to tier cities, drawing the participation of over 2000 doctors and their staff members. These rallies served as platforms to educate the public about the importance of early detection and treatment of glaucoma.

Additionally, glaucoma camps were established at doctors’ clinics in different regions, reaching out to more than 1.5 lakh patients to raise awareness about the disease. The field team conducted vision screenings and distributed informative leaflets on glaucoma, ensuring that individuals were equipped with essential knowledge about the condition and its management.

Moreover, over ten Continuing Medical Education (CME) sessions were conducted in cities like Kerala, Hyderabad, and Chennai, with the participation of over 300 doctors. These sessions provided healthcare professionals with opportunities to deepen their understanding of glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, thereby enhancing their ability to serve their patients effectively.

Furthermore, Matanand Foundation and ENTOD Pharma actively participated in the All India Ophthalmological Society Annual Conference (AIOC 2024), marking World Glaucoma Week and highlighting their national campaign. At the conference, more than 30 patient education videos featuring leading glaucoma doctors delivering key messages in regional languages were recorded, further amplifying the efforts to raise awareness about glaucoma nationwide.

Commenting on the initiative, Nikkhil K Masurkar, CEO of ENTOD Pharmaceuticals, stated, “As advocates for eye health in India, our goal with the ‘#GlaucomaMuktBharat’ initiative was to raise the awareness of glaucoma in our communities. This campaign was specifically targeted to the youth of our country encouraging them to get their parents and grandparents get tested for glaucoma. This campaign represents our unwavering dedication to ushering in a new era of sight preservation and ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to experience the world through clear and vibrant eyes.”

Throughout the entire week of March 10 to 16, the hashtag ‘#GlaucomaMuktBharat’ held the No. 1 position among Twitter’s trending topics, captivating the interest of crores of people nationwide. The campaign received a significant boost when Bollywood celebrity Rannvijay Singha kicked off the campaign with his mother. With their participation, along with that of 100 influencers engaged throughout the campaign, the initiative garnered an impressive 5 million+ engagements, effectively spreading awareness about glaucoma across the country.

Dr Roma Johri Glaucoma Consultant at Sri Shankara Nethralaya, Hyderabad, said, “Glaucoma stands as a primary contributor to irreversible blindness on a global scale. However, with early detection and treatment, up to 90 per cent of glaucoma-related blindness cases can be averted. Routine ophthalmologic examinations play a vital role, particularly for those at elevated risk, in diagnosing and managing the condition at its onset to safeguard vision. We are proud to collaborate with the Matanand Foundation and ENTOD Pharmaceuticals, to amplify public understanding of glaucoma and emphasise the significance of regular eye screenings in averting glaucoma-induced blindness.”