Metro Shoes and Salaam Bombay Foundation Lending Support to Migrant Labourers


Mumbai, May 14, 2020: The unprecedented pandemic caused has gripped the nation with anxiety, fear, and unavailability of essentials. Most suffered by this catastrophe are the migrant labourers and daily wage earners whose survival depended on the daily wage they made. With industries and factories coming to stand still, they are left with no source of income to even meet their daily food requirement. In such a scenario, many organisations have come forward to extend their support. Metro Shoes from the house of Metro Brands Ltd is one such brand. They partnered with NGO called Salaam Bombay Foundation (SBF) and Amin Patel, MLA and social activist. Together they distributed 2000 ration kits to migrant labourers in South Mumbai constituency.

The distribution was spearheaded by Amin Patel and his team supported by Metro and Salaam Bombay Foundation. They went to areas where migrant labourers were in dire need of basic food essentials. This was a small initiative towards extending support and solidarity to the fellow citizens who came to Mumbai primarily for a living. The donation drive started on May 8, 2020, till date in predominantly South Mumbai and some parts of suburban Mumbai.

Speaking about the initiative, Aziz Fidai, Head CSR, Metro Brands Ltd., added, “We at Metro are glad to partner with Salaam Bombay Foundation and extend our little support to the needy in this time of distress. We hope to continue doing the same till the situation eases and the city is back on its feet. Till then, we will take small steps that can bring respite to migrant labourers and low-income families.”

Social activist and MLA Amin Patel, who facilitated the distribution said, “We have started the support drive in the south zone and have successfully distributed more than 2000 ration packets aided by Metro shoes. We hope to continue the drive and extend our support in whatever way we can. I would like to express gratitude towards Metro shoes for providing ration kits for the migrant labourers and Salaam Bombay for identifying distress areas and ensuring distribution.”