Ncourage Installs Over 250 Tata Swach Tech Jal Across 20 States of India


Mumbai: Ncourage Social Enterprise Foundation, a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals,  funded by the Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) is constantly making efforts to improve access to clean and safe drinking water in remote areas of the country. Continuing with its effort, Ncourage has installed 260 ‘Tata Swach Tech Jal’ water purification units to date. The Foundation collaborated with partner organisations, to install these community-based purifiers, which are now benefitting around 18,000 families across 20 States in India.

“At Tata Chemicals, we always support initiatives that work towards the upliftment of the communities. Access to clean drinking water is a problem that many people face especially, the ones settled in the interiors of India. We hope that through this project safe drinking water will reach the underserved homes in remote parts of the country, reducing the spread of harmful water-borne diseases. We are thankful to our partners who have made significant contributions to this cause and have been instrumental in impacting the lives of many. It is our consistent endeavour to pursue such projects for the wellbeing of our communities.” said R Nanda, Chief of HR and CSR, Tata Chemicals. 

Since the commencement of this initiative in 2018, Ncourage has been striving to make a significant contribution not only by tackling water-borne diseases but also by creating livelihood opportunities for the locals. In some of the units, a person is appointed to extract water and sell it in the nearby areas/villages, and by doing so, the individual earns a substantial amount of money, thus also encouraging local entrepreneurship.

Over the years, Ncourage Social Enterprise Foundation has worked with various organisations, NGOs and companies across the country for the success of this initiative. Recently, it installed the ‘Tata Swach Tech Jal’ water purifier in the Sundarbans region, to bring pure drinking water to around 2,000 families by purifying 1,000 litres of water per hour.  It aims to install around 100 more purifiers across the country before the year ends.