Nestlé India Announces ‘Entrepreneurship for YOUth’ to Support and Nurture Budding Entrepreneurs


India, September 9, 2020: In line with recent interventions like Nesternship and MAGGI ‘Desh ke liye 2-minute’, Nestlé India reaffirms its commitment towards the youth of the country with the announcement of ‘Entrepreneurship for YOUth’ initiative.

The platform, which is a part of Nestlé’s global youth initiative ‘Nestlé Needs YOUth’, aims to nurture budding entrepreneurs and create job opportunities for people through their kiosk business model, helping the youth of the country cope with these unprecedented times. These kiosks which are run on a youth-facing, franchise-operated business model offer unique entrepreneurial opportunities to generate sustainable business, decent employment and respectable livelihoods for the franchise owners.

Commenting on this initiative, Suresh Narayanan, Chairman and Managing Director, Nestlé India said, “Entrepreneurship serves as a backbone to the industrial and economic growth of any country. A considerable portion of our population may well be India’s future entrepreneurs, who are in need of guidance, support and direction, now more than ever. Through this initiative, we want to encourage the youth of the country to believe in their entrepreneurial dreams. With a high emphasis on creating a conducive working environment and a simple financial module, I am certain that this initiative will prove to be a great platform for youth to prove their calibre, start and run their own business successfully, create more job opportunities and be a part of the growing franchise family of ONE Nestlé.”

In order to ensure quality and food safety in an “out-of-home” environment, the Nestlé India kiosk business models adhere to strict food safety regulations and quality monitoring process. These kiosks bring an exciting and tasty menu of Food & Beverage in an Out of Home environment within easy reach of consumers. These kiosks are operated by franchisees under NESCAFÉ, MAGGI, KitKat, a+ brands and are called NESCAFÉ Corner, MAGGI Hotspot, KitKat Break Zone and a+ Milk Booth, respectively.