Foreword: Volume III, Issue II, 2016


Dear Readers,

Kamaljit Swaroop, Vice Chairperson, New Media Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Much has been said time and again about the importance a girl child, a woman, plays in the society. This actually goes without saying just how valuable a role the woman plays in day-to-day life. A girl child receiving education, a young girl continuing her higher studies, a young woman at the threshold of joining the job market or a married woman and mother respected and valued for her role at home/workplace. When there is collective regard and respect for her very being, her very existence, and when the society give these opportunities unconditionally, India will witness a change. Absence of fear, of bias, of hindrances will empower women to rise and change the world around them. For far too long, the fairer sex in India has been conditioned to believe that she is a burden to her family and the society. We need to start undoing all these misconceptions and start afresh. Each individual or community is valuable & each has so much goodness and can contribute a lot to making India the progressive nation it is meant to be.

As India is emerging as a force to be reckoned with and being one of the top emerging economies with its huge workforce and young population, studies show that only two percent of the total employees in India have undergone skill development training. Thus, Skill Development is certainly the need of the hour if India  wants  to  become  a  worldwide  sourcing hub for skilled employees. It is heartening to note  that  the  Prime  Minister has laid great emphasis in this area. Under the National Policy on Skills, the Government has opened up many avenues and opportunities to increase employability. Credit also goes to the private sector for doing its part in skilling as well as supplying skilled manpower. Achieving this will be a mammoth task but we believe that all the initiatives taken in this regard will benefit not only the learners but this great nation in the long run.