Orient Bell Tiles Takes a Step to Protect the Environment by Rejuvenating a Water Body in Bulandshahr


New Delhi: Orient Bell Tiles – a reputed name amongst tile manufacturers of the country, as part of their commitment to protect the environment, a 2.5 hectare pond has been inaugurated in a nearby village Bhora in Bulandshahr district for rejuvenation and rainwater harvesting. The pond is situated 20 kms away from the factory.

The inauguration took place with local community members, SDM Ravi Shankar and Commanding Officer Namrata Shrivastava. The aim of this initiative is to recharge the amount of water which is used to manufacture the tiles and double the amount that gets extracted from the earth.

Two rainwater harvesting pits are installed which will be able to charge approximately 1.5 lakh cubic metre water per annum into the earth. Beside this pond, 270 trees have been planted as a part of the CSR initiative as well.

“It is our constant lookout to help build a community together and safeguard the interests of the present and future generations by providing them with a healthy and safe environment through more eco-friendly activities like this. We are looking for more such ponds near our factory area for rejuvenation,” said Anil Agarwal, COO, Orient Bell Tiles. 

Orient Bell Tiles has always been conscious of manufacturing their products in a sustainable fashion and in an environment friendly way. Their first step towards this was 20 years ago when Orient Bell Tiles got ISO 14000 for the first time.

In addition to this, Orient Bell Tiles also utilises the tiles to renovate the schools and offices in Anganwadi and rural areas. As part of that initiative, it has completed 150 Happy School Projects.