RR Kabel Announces Winners of the Kabel Stars Scholarship Programme


National: In its second edition of the scholarship programme, RR Kabel, a prominent brand in the Indian consumer electronics and wire and cable manufacturing industry, has awarded a total of Rs 1 Crore as part of the prestigious RR Kabel Star Scholarship Programme. Thirteen winners were conferred from the city of Hubli, Karnataka. This is a scholarship awarded to outstanding academic achievements of the RR Kabel electricians’ children.

Notably, brilliant students from Karnataka, an important centre for the electrical sector in India, have demonstrated remarkable achievements, secured the RR Kabel Stars Scholarship and propelled themselves toward additional studies to follow their dreams. The second installment of the Kabel Star Scholarship Programme represented a pioneering initiative tailored for the offspring of electricians who have successfully completed their 10th-grade examination this year. This effort is in line with the brand’s mission of contributing to a better educated and empowered India.

In 2022, the inaugural edition of the Kabel Stars Scholarship was announced around Diwali, attracting thousands of applications from across India. Among these, 1015 applicants were selected to receive the scholarship. Continuing the momentum, the current edition of the scholarship programme has allotted over Rs 1 Crore to support the higher secondary education of electricians’ children. This year, more than 1000 students nationwide have been chosen to be recipients of these scholarships, further advancing the programme’s vision.

Speaking about the scholarship programme, Kirti Kabra, Director, RR Global, said, “Our electricians have been an integral part of RR Kabel from the beginning, affectionately called ‘Kabel Dost’. Going beyond mere business, our dedication is to make a meaningful impact on their lives and give back to the individuals who constitute the foundation of our company. We proudly stand as pioneers in the electrical industry, having initiated a scholarship programme that creates educational avenues for the offspring of our electricians.”

She further said, “As a brand, we firmly believe that every deserving student should have the chance to pursue their aspirations, irrespective of their background or financial constraints. Through this programme, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of bright students, providing them with the encouragement to recognize their talents. At RR Kabel, our mission is to shape a future where talent has no boundaries, and every student’s dreams can take flight. We stand firm in our commitment to empower today’s youth, fostering their development into the promising leaders of tomorrow.”