Sarthak Educational Trust’s Regional Conference on CSR for Skilling of Divyangjan


January 11, 2018, Mumbai: Sarthak Educational Trust organised the 3rd Regional Conference on CSR Skilling for Divyanagjan which was themed around assessing the current stature and setting goals for support system for ensuring skilling of divyangjan or people with disabilities to increase their employability and scope of financial independence.

The Conference witnessed presence of representatives from Government, CSR, Corporate and Divyangjan and acted as a platform to share various efforts, initiatives and ideas to carve out a world of equal opportunity, bringing change in their lives with a life cycle approach of intervention, inclusion, skill development, sustainable employment, and advocacy.

Shri Dilip Kamble, MoS, Social Justice and Special Assistance along with Smt. Shakuntala Gamlin, Secretary, Department of Empowerment of PwD, Shri Lov Verma, Ex-Secretary, Government of India, Shri Siddharth Kak, Director – Cine Vision, and Dr. Jitender Aggarwal, Founder & CEO Sarthak Educational Trust inaugurated the Conference.

CSR heads from Capgemini, Mahindra Finance, SBI Foundation, Mahanagar Gas Ltd, and Ambit Holdings participated and shared various initiatives and ideas to further enhance the scope of skilling of Divyangjan across different socio-cultural and economic groups of society.

In a session dedicated to discuss employability prospects and current scenario of inclusion and equal opportunity at the workplace, representatives from Aegis, Future Group, Evindhya, McDonalds, and National Skill Development Corporation took active participation and shared latest trends in IT, Retail and Hospitality industry with special reference to employment and career progression opportunities for divyangjan.

Post CSR and Corporate sessions, Ms. Nishi Goyal, Dilip, Ashutosh, Venkatesh, and Sarita shared their life experiences in the Rising Star panel. The session was infused with enthusiastic and inspiring stories of divyangs who not only faced all the challenges positively but have also became a source of inspiration for many. Panellists also put forth various issues they faced to entail their basic right of education, and how vocational skilling support acted as a major supporting pillar along with corporate support to make their dreams come true.