SBI Life’s ‘Thanks a Dot’ Innovative Lifesaving Tool to Emphasise the Critical Need for Self-Breast Examination and Early Detection


India: October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it serves as a poignant reminder for every woman to make their health a priority and practise self-breast examination on a regular basis. In this pivotal month, SBI Life Insurance embarks on yet another year-long journey enabling women to learn and form a habit of self-breast examination through its ‘Thanks A Dot’ initiative.

As a part of the initiative, SBI Life has developed a new innovative tool to promote self-breast examination by using the ‘hot water bag’ which is most commonly used by women across the country to tackle menstrual pain. A simple modification in the design of the hot water bag, by engraving special lumps on the front side of the bag allows women to experience the sensation of how a real breast cancer lump would feel during self-examination. The tool helps in training, educating and reminding Indian women about making self-breast examination a regular habit and the importance of early detection.

With the progress made in recent years, the battle against breast cancer is far from over. According to recent studies, an alarming rise in breast cancer cases among younger Indian women is aged 25 to 50. Tragically, 60 per cent of these cases are diagnosed at advanced stages, reducing the survival rates considerably. However, early detection can save lives in 98% of breast cancer cases which makes regular check-ups a crucial step in fighting the battle against breast cancer.

However, this battle cannot be fought in isolation. SBI Life Insurance stays committed to this larger cause by making a meaningful difference across communities and thereby inviting organisations to join the initiative. Organisations can join the cause by producing and distributing these specially designed bags free of cost to their customers, employees etc., letting this life-saving tool become a part of every household making self-breast examination a regular habit amongst Indian women.

Emphasising the need for self-breast examination, Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR at SBI Life Insurance, said, “Over the years women have started realising the importance of prioritising their health over the many duties and responsibilities, but we realised that in practice many of them still continue to struggle to take practical steps towards safeguarding their own health. Breast cancer being one of the most common diseases amongst women today, makes it crucial for every woman to focus on their health first and take simple steps for self-breast examination. Keeping the urgent need to create awareness around the need for self-breast examination, SBI Life’s ‘Thanks a Dot’, in its fifth year has found a unique way to enter every household in the country by tapping into an existing habit. The new innovative tool uses the hot water bag which is most commonly found in every household, to train women for self-testing.”

He further added, “Through this initiative, we aim to bring a behavioural change, foster open conversations, and ultimately, build a healthy habit towards self-breast examination. We are glad to onboard Mahima Chaudhry; a breast cancer survivor herself to share her experience and communicate the significance of early detection and self-examination. We hope to embrace this challenge with unwavering determination, and work towards a future where self-breast examination becomes a part of every household, thereby enabling every woman across the country to be healthy to fulfil her dreams, her duties and responsibilities.”

Mahima Chaudhry, an Indian actress and a cancer survivor, said, “As a breast cancer survivor, I understand the importance of early detection and the impact it can have on one’s life. SBI Life’s ‘Thanks A Dot’ campaign is a crucial initiative that aims to empower women with the knowledge and skills needed for breast self-examinations. In India, far too many women are diagnosed with breast cancer at a later stage, and this campaign is a step towards changing that reality.”

Sahil Shah, President – Digital Experience, Dentsu Creative, said, “Over the last five years, ‘Thanks a Dot’ has enabled women to learn and form the habit of breast self-examination through innovative usage of tech. This year, we took a commonly practised behaviour among women in India and turned it into an opportunity to teach them about a life-saving practice. With project Hug of Life, we wish to empower every Indian woman to take charge of her breast health by making self-exams a natural and regular part of her monthly routine, forever.”

As part of the efforts, SBI Life will also be organising educational workshops in rural India to break down sociocultural barriers associated with breast cancer and let women learn the simple techniques to fight the battle against breast cancer.

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