#WacoalKnowsBreast: Wacoal India and CPAA Breast Cancer Awareness and Support Campaign


India: Wacoal India, the premium lingerie brand from Japan, is proud to announce its continued commitment to breast cancer awareness through its #WacoalKnowsBreast initiative in collaboration with the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA), a renowned non-profit organisation that champions cancer awareness and supports patients through its distinctive philosophy of ‘Total Management of Cancer’. In the brand’s second collaborative effort with CPAA in 2023, Wacoal India reiterates its unwavering dedication to this vital cause and vows to maintain this partnership in the years ahead.

As part of this collaboration, for every bra purchased either on Wacoal India’s online platform or at its physical stores nationwide during this campaign, the brand will contribute ₹10 to support CPAA’s admirable mission. Additionally, to symbolise their commitment to this cause, Wacoal India has introduced the three-finger salute, a symbolic gesture where one places their right hand on their left chest and forms the number three with their fingers. This gesture represents the three-finger self-test that individuals can perform to check their breasts for lumps and also embodies the alphabet ‘W’ for Wacoal.

Pooja Merani, COO-Wacoal India, expressed her thoughts on the initiative, stating, “At Wacoal, we are committed to making a significant difference in every woman’s life through meaningful initiatives. With breast cancer awareness being critical not only in India but globally, we are proud to associate with the CPAA, a notable organisation that shares our dedication to creating a considerable impact in this area. I sincerely hope that our sustained efforts and support will reach all those women in need and benefit them.”

Alka Bisen, CEO of the Cancer Patients Aid Association shares her perspective on the collaboration with the esteemed brand Wacoal: “In India, breast cancer is unfortunately prevalent, but the good news is that it is treatable and often curable when detected early. At CPAA, our mission revolves around not only creating awareness but also ensuring timely detection and providing support for cancer treatment. Partnering with Wacoal for their commitment to this crucial cause brings us great joy, and we eagerly anticipate further meaningful collaborations.

Every year, the month of October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, and Wacoal India’s partnership with CPAA under the #WacoalKnowsBreast initiative aims to continue driving awareness, early detection, and support for breast cancer patients in India. Additionally, to foster awareness, Wacoal India will distribute pink bands with every in-store purchase, symbolising Pink October and spreading the message of breast cancer awareness far and wide.

The primary goal of this initiative is to ignite a wave of awareness and proactive action to combat breast cancer, ultimately leading to a brighter and healthier future for women across India.