Storia Provides Relief From the Heatwave to Mumbai Policemen


Mumbai: As a Mumbaikar, everyone has witnessed the traffic policemen stoically performing their duties across every season as the climate changes. Be it harsh monsoon rainstorms or the scorching summer heatwaves. A lot of times, these efforts are often overlooked and blurred onto the sidelines where gratitude takes the backseat. Storia came up with this heartwarming campaign by distributing Storia Coconut Water bottles all across Mumbai to the traffic police squads stationed on-ground in the scorching afternoon heat.

Over the past few weeks, as temperatures continued to rise, Storia made sure that the ones who stand relentlessly for hours on end under the scorching sun continue to #StayHydrated.

Shalin Desai, CMO, Storia Foods and Beverages, said, “During summer, it is important to stay sufficiently hydrated by replenishing with the right electrolytes. Storia strives to be the go-to choice for customers when they seek a chilled beverage during the scorching heat. This initiative was focused towards reminding the front-line warriors to #StayHydrated in the midst of their duties.”

As the scorching afternoon advanced into a beautiful evening sunset, radiant smiles were witnessed on the faces of every policeman across the street.