Synpack Launches H.O.P.E  – A Crowdfunding Campaign to Help COVID Heroes in Need


Bangalore, October 28, 2020: Bangalore-based Synpack announced its collaboration with two tech firms Baetho and Clique, in association with Round Table India, in launching their initiative – H.O.P.E (Heroes Of Planet Earth) – to help frontline warriors fight the war against COVID-19. H.O.P.E is procuring and distributing Personal Protection Kits to reach out and protect 30,000 doctors and frontline COVID workers across the country. The aim is to reach the fearless frontline fighters through Round Table India as well as Ketto (a crowdfunding platform) to help raise funds for this initiative.

The three partners in the war against COVID-19 – Synpack, Baetho and Clique intent to launch the crowdfunding campaign to raise funds through Ketto and seek donations from Corporates and individuals who want to support frontline workers. Currently, donations are coming from friends, family members and the business network across India. As the campaign is gaining traction, HOPE urges people to donate and help make this campaign a success. Donors can donate by clicking on this link:

Naushik Kabra, CEO, Synpack said, “The initiative is a brainchild of ours, and since we manufacture PPE Kits and other COVID protective equipment, we initially started in a small way to give them away for free to government and private hospitals in high-intensity States who are running out of funds. As the number of active cases are doubling every other day, India requires more than two crore PPE Kits (PPEs), hence, we thought of addressing the issue of requiring PPE kits in donations. The initiative – H.O.P.E – is driven by the need to reach out to the frontline staff who face a shortfall of funds to procure PPE kits, especially in rural parts of India. PPE kits are most important in preventing the transmission of the Coronavirus to our healthcare workers who are at constant risk as they strive to protect us.”

Though government bodies are trying their best to tackle the shortfall due to insufficient funds, it is the most unusual situation with the numbers of those afflicted surging each day, a huge gap has been created between the need for PPE and the fund requirements for the same.

Team H.O.P.E comprising of Naushik, Sharath, Pratik and Shashank says, “We strive to raise funds to reach out to frontline warriors thus ensuring to curtail the spread of this virus as much as possible. We come across several hospitals and doctors both in urban as well as rural areas around the country that are unfortunate enough not to even receive the basic funds to procure PPEs for themselves.” This initiative not only helps the frontline workers but also stands to help the patients who are charged a large sum in hospitals for these PPEs, which is quite unfair to them. The goal is to bring about free PPE kits to our heroes who strive to protect us through this pandemic.”

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