Thryve Digital Health Lends a Caring Hand to Aarohi Blood Bank


Hyderabad: Thryve Digital Health, a leading provider of technology and operations expertise to some of the United States’ most prestigious integrated healthcare service networks, has extended its support to Aarohi Blood Centre through its ‘Thryve for Good’ initiative. Thryve’s contributed a set of essential medical devices to enhance the Centre’s capabilities, including two blood bank refrigerators, a tube sealer, and a cell coagulometer.

Aligned with its mission to promote a healthier and happier world, Thryve’s CSR agenda is committed to making impactful contributions in meaningful spaces. Through its CSR programme, ‘Thryve for Good,’ the company actively backs various interventions across the health and wellness spectrum. With a committed team of over 4000 professionals, Thryve develops solutions that enable the ‘payvider’ network with the intelligence, connectivity, and seamless integration required by its multi-platform healthcare systems.

Speaking about this, Bala Sankaranaryanan, President and CEO, Thryve Digital Health, said, Every intervention of ‘Thryve for Good,’ our CSR initiative, has always left us amazed with how much good we can do if we apply our hearts and minds to it. The opportunity to support Aarohi Blood Centre is an opportunity to support life – of people battling for it. We are truly grateful to be able to lend a hand to their great work.” 

Adding further, Dr Aditi Kishore, Secretary, Aarohi, said, “The Thryve team’s sensitivity to identify and support us with what we needed the most reflects the company’s commitment to make a meaningful impact.” 

“In our concerted efforts to find befitting organizations that we can support Aarohi Blood Centre emerged truly deserving. The opportunity to enable the positive and meaningful impact they are making in the lives of patients, especially children is something that we truly cherish,” said, Arvind Srinivasan, CFO and Head of CSR, Thryve Digital Health. 

Aarohi Blood Centre an initiative of Aarohi, a not-for-profit grassroots organisation based in Hyderabad has conducted over 780 blood donation camps and supported over 21,000 patients along with 16,000 patients in government hospitals, since its inception. The organisation supports close to 200 transfusions for children diagnosed with Thalassemia and Leukemia admitted at government hospitals.