Veddis Foundation Renews its Partnership with the Haryana State Rural Livelihood Mission for Another Two Years


Gurugram: Gurugram-based Veddis Foundation has renewed its partnership with the Haryana State Rural Livelihood Mission (HSRLM) to improve the livelihoods of an additional 80,000 rural households across 26 blocks in four districts over the next two years. Veddis Foundation will help enable effective governance of the SRLM programme. The partnership with the Haryana government is part of Veddis Foundation’s GATI [गति] (Governance for policy Action, Transformation and Innovation) initiative and is the second investment under Veddis Foundation’s 100 crore commitment to accelerate large-scale social impact.

Since its partnership with the Haryana State Rural Livelihood Mission began three years ago, Veddis Foundation has helped transform 7,000 community institutions across seven districts in the state. Social and economic indicators were significantly impacted as nearly 100,000 households have an annual incremental income of over Rs. 60,000. Veddis Foundation will now replicate the success of the partnership to an additional four districts – Charkhi Dadri, Mahendragarh, Kaithal and Rewari – targeting over 80,000 rural households.

The partnership with the HSRLM will create financially sustainable and effective institutional platforms for rural households. The goal is to increase household income through sustainable livelihood enhancements, as well as better access to financial and public services. This will involve building up the capacities of critical institutions under HSRLM. Targeted outcomes for the programme include the development of model Cluster Level Federations (CLFs), enhanced access to funds for Self Help Groups (SHGs), increased income levels of marginalised families through diversified interventions, convergence with other government programmes, subsidies, and schemes, and value chain development. Technology will be the enabler for data-driven governance.

“We are happy to see our partnership with HSRLM over the last 3 years has resulted in a meaningful impact across 100,000 rural households. We partnered with the HSRLM in November 2018 to improve governance in 31 CLFs across seven districts in the State. Our focus has been on unlocking public funds, along with increased access to these funds for creating better livelihood opportunities,” said Vaishali Samanta, COO of Veddis Foundation, commenting on the partnership. “We are significantly scaling our investments in policy implementation as part of our Rs 100 Crore commitment and look forward to an impactful partnership with Haryana.”

Speaking on the engagement with Veddis Foundation, Dr Amarinder Kaur, CEO HSRLM, remarked “This partnership will help us facilitate efforts to reach out to rural communities and empower them with the appropriate skills to ensure sustainable livelihoods. Veddis Foundation has been a strong partner in our efforts and we hope to replicate the impact in other districts.”