Vodafone Idea and NASSCOM Foundation Launch MyAmbar – An App-based Solution for Women Safety in India


New Delhi, October 22, 2020: Vodafone Idea Foundation, the CSR arm of Vodafone Idea Limited, in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation, Sayfty Trust, and UN Women, announced the launch of ‘MyAmbar’ (My Sky): A solution designed and developed especially for safety and empowerment of women in India.

Developed under the ‘Connecting for Good’ programme, MyAmbar App aims to help women understand and stand against violence.

MyAmbar app is available in both English and Hindi. It not only provides women with an easy access to important helpline numbers and service providers across the country but also helps them through a step-by-step risk assessment tool guiding them through various ways of dealing with their current status. Its extensive service directory also helps them reach out to legal and counselling services at a click of a button.

The MyAmbar App brings ready help and education for all women on gender-based violence to understand the issue and avail support services. It also helps create a safe haven for the survivors and high-risk victims to log in their complaints and seek help without bias or judgement.

The solution was launched through a virtual event by Rajashree Birla, Chairperson, The Aditya Birla Centre for Community initiative and Rural Development, P. Balaji, Chief Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited, Nishtha Satyam, Deputy Country Representative, UN Women, Rashmi Singh, Director, Department of Women and Child Development, Govt. of NCT of Delhi,  Dr Shruti Kapoor, Founder and President, Sayfty Trust along with Ashok Pamidi, CEO, and Santosh Abraham, Vice President from NASSCOM Foundation, who shared their thoughts and insights on Prevention, Safety & Empowerment for women through MyAmbar.

Extending an invitation for women across India to take control of their own safety with MyAmbar, Balaji, Chief Regulatory & Corporate Affairs Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited said, “Vodafone Idea is committed to leveraging our technology strengths to create social impact through sustainable solutions. We strongly believe that when you educate, empower or support a woman in any ecosystem, you impact her entire family, her immediate ecosystem in the community, which in turn brings in a strong multiplier effect on the overall social and economic development of the entire country. Continuing our efforts in this direction, we are happy to introduce the MyAmbar App that is devised to assist women in distress by facilitating information and access to related support, over a single platform. Our association with NASSCOM Foundation and other stakeholders will help lend spread and scale to this endeavour to educate women, help them understand and recognise the constituents of abuse around them and gain access to verified information on medical, legal and mental health services located close by.”

NASSCOM Foundation has designed and developed the App with content from Sayfty Trust and is working with UN Women to get most women across India to download and start using the app.

Ashok Pamidi, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation, on the launch, said. “One in three women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence. More than four lakh cases on crime against women were registered in 2019 according to India National Crime’s Record Bureau (NCRB). These are just official numbers and we all know that a lot of domestic violence against women goes unreported. Both prevention from such assaults and support in recovery of the victims are of prime importance. NASSCOM Foundation has always been an advocate of an inclusive society when working towards women education, empowerment, and upliftment.

Today, with MyAmbar, we have taken a vital step to leverage technology to work towards women’s safety and empowerment. I urge everyone to use MyAmbar and support us in bringing this solution to every woman across India’s remotest corners. Vodafone Idea has been one of our most bankable partners in our quest towards using technology for social good, and we thank them for their continuous and unwavering support. We hope that this partnership grows further and we bring more such innovative and scalable technology solutions to help make real change happen.”

The App provides many useful features like:

  • Ready to use directory of helpline numbers across India,
  • Comprehensive information on various aspects of gender-based violence presented in easy to understand form.
  • Self-risk assessment for users to understand their physical and emotional state along with recommendations for further course of action,
  • Step by step guide to help women take action in any case of violence,
  • Upfront SOS helpline button, among many others.

The App can be used by any and every woman in India and their family members. The information on the App is presented in a simple and easily understandable format in both English and Hindi. More languages will be added on to the platform going forward. The content is also available in an audio-based format for the ease of understanding.

The App is available in Android with an iOS version coming soon.
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.myambar