Birla Edutech Instilling Values In Students Through Fistful Of Grains


Mumbai, April 26, 2017: Birla Edutech organised “Fistful of Grains,” with its students and employees of Mumbai office. Students of Gopi Birla School and employees of the head office of Birla Edutech donated a fistful of grains (rice and lentils) every day from April 17 to 21.

This initiative aims at instilling values of sharing, caring and prevention of food wastage among students. By donating grains to the less privileged, students are able to empathise with the hardship of the children in NGOs and are exposed to an altogether different phenomenon that sensitises them towards the basic human needs. The total amount of grains collected by Gopi Birla Memorial School and the head office of Birla Edutech collectively was 1800kgs, which was donated to four different orphanages, Asha Daan at Byculla, Anand Ashram in Chembur, Ashray, Bandra and Sradhanand Mahila Ashram, King Circle, personally by Mr Nirvaan Birla.

Expressing his views on the initiative, Mr Nirvaan Birla – Head of Business Development, said, “To imbibe a sense of responsibility in young students towards the society, such initiatives are intended to enlighten people and the young students, about the deeper meaning of life. It shows the essence and joy of living for others and it’s meant to encourage a spirit of living. Rather than complaining about petty things, we should be thankful to our parents and to the Almighty to have a privilege of having a loved childhood and sufficient quality education. The primary objective of this initiative is to make students realise the significance of just a fistful of grains and nurture the values of sharing and thoughtfulness, which would help us shape their future.”

While visiting these orphanages, Mr. Nirvaan Birla got the opportunity to spend some time with differently-abled children; he was awestruck with the reception and the warmth shown by the children. The kids were excited to speak to him about their determination towards seeking quality education. The small donation by Birla Edutech is an attempt to eradicate some of the hurdles on the path of these children in the NGOs.