Nupur Recyclers Conducts Plantation Drive With The Municipal Corporation of Delhi


New Delhi: Nupur Recyclers, India’s fastest-growing start-up processing and recycling metal scrap with its state-of-the-art techniques, organised a plantation drive in association with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). In order to continue its community interactions, the organisation has started a new project by planting 550 trees in Mandwali, situated in the eastern part of Delhi, as an act of environmental preservation. This move is also aimed at contributing to the country’s zero carbon emission goals.

During the drive, management officials from Nupur Recyclers, including Founder, Rajesh Gupta, along with advisory board members including Geeta Goswami, planted 550 saplings in Shatabdi Park, Railway Colony, Mandawali, Delhi and took a collective pledge to help in keeping the environment human-friendly. MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) also contributed its part to this initiative. Raghwendra Kumar Singh (Director of Horticulture, MCD), Shashi Chandana (Municipal Councilor East Delhi), and others felicitated in the tree plantation drive with high enthusiasm and fervour.

Rajesh Gupta, Founder & Managing Director, Nupur Recyclers, stated, “People often neglect the most basic yet vital thing while going about their daily activities, i.e., the environment. At Nupur Recyclers, our vision has been to help conserve natural resources and protect natural ecosystems through direct and indirect initiatives. The plantation drive is a modest effort to be appreciative of nature and to anchor ourselves to mother earth. The goal is to contribute to the change and to awaken those around us to do the same because every effort counts. We pledge to continue making such efforts every quarter.”

With its climate-conscious mindset, the company has taken many strategic initiatives that would significantly contribute to the environment and undo the damage caused by industrial manufacturing. By making high-quality recycled metal available for the purpose of manufacturing, Nupur Recyclers is helping manufacturers across sectors such as automotive, power, home furnishing, and roads and transportation reduce carbon emissions.

In January, Nupur Recyclers distributed shawls to underprivileged women who had no access to woollen clothing in the chilling winters of Delhi. The company has always believed in doing good voluntarily for society as well as for the environment.