SKA Group Organises Free Health Check-Ups in Housing Projects


Greater Noida: SKA Group, in association with Atlanta Hospital, conducted free health checkups at its project Metro Ville and Divya Tower for 110 women working at the project sites and nearby areas. On this occasion, the doctors of Atlanta Hospital did a complete health check-up of the women. Women were given vitamin tablets and sanitary pads and were advised to take care of their personal cleanliness and health. The SKA Group employees were also present at the health check-up site and raised awareness for women in the health checkup programme.

On this occasion, Hema Sharma, Director, SKA Group, said, “In today’s fast-paced life, people are forgetting that health is a priority, especially women who are not able to give importance to their health ahead of work. We organised a free health check-ups, in which doctors gave proper advice regarding several health problems, and medicines were distributed to those who needed them. The SKA Group has always been organising events like this for social upliftment.”