Smile Foundation and CtGA Train Young Social Entrepreneurs from Multiple Countries


New Delhi: Smile Foundation and Change the Game Academy (CtGA) organised a graduation day to felicitate youth from across the globe who successfully completed the modules of CtGA’s programme.

Change the Game Academy and Smile Foundation have co-created an innovative blended-learning programme that helps professionals from civil society organisations and youngsters all over the world learn to raise funds and mobilise other kinds of support.

Smile Foundation, through its collaboration with CtGA, aims to help social entrepreneurs working at the grassroots navigate challenging times by attracting funds from diverse sources to mobilise support for various causes. Smile Foundation is committed to bring civic-driven change, and to inculcate industry best practices to empower people at the grassroots.

CtGA India and Smile Foundation have curated a series of unique virtual classroom learning experiences for fundraising professionals and social entrepreneurs. Through this series of virtual classroom courses, Smile Foundation is building capacities and empowering social entrepreneurs to diversify sources of funding to help build better organisational capacities, along with sustainable fund-raising plans.

On this occasion, Santanu Mishra, Co-Founder & Executive Trustee of Smile Foundation, said, “This is a reality that we are in the middle of a convergence of the physical world and the virtual world. At the same time, there exists an ever-greater disparity and inequality in society. I believe that we must find a balance between both extremes. At such a young age, you already know that this is what you want to do. You also have a vision of bringing real change, and you are committed to it. I think this is wonderful.”

Smile Foundation and CtGA will continue to use innovative tools and creative methods of instruction in designing these capacity-building programmes and train professionals on inventive, high-impact models to raise funds for sustainability.